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Thread: Joni Ernst: U.S. taxpayers spending billions on border wall not being built

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    Joni Ernst: U.S. taxpayers spending billions on border wall not being built

    Joni Ernst: U.S. taxpayers spending billions on border wall not being built

    Ernst said $3 million are being wasted daily on the wall

    By Madeleine Hubbard
    Updated: May 24, 2022 - 8:43pm

    nited States taxpayers are wasting billions of dollars paying contractors to watch over unused materials meant for former President Donald Trump's border wall after President Joe Biden canceled construction on his first day in office, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said on Tuesday.

    While President Biden called the border wall a "waste of money," Ernst said, "Ironically his decision to not build the wall is the real waste of money."

    She noted, "Since pulling the plug on the project, the Biden administration has continued paying contractors upwards of $3 million every single day to watch over the unused materials lying in the desert."

    Nearly $1 million worth of unused steel for the wall in Texas was stolen in what seems to have been an inside job, Ernst added.

    "Meanwhile, to make matters worse, the president is preparing to welcome as many as 18,000 illegal migrants a day across the border," by repealing the Trump-era pandemic immigration measure known as Title 42, the senator said.

    A federal judge temporarily stopped the Biden administration from ending Title 42 in a ruling last week.

    "At that rate, within less than a year, the number of illegal immigrants admitted into the country through the Southern Border will be more than double the population of Iowa," she observed.

    Ernst announced that she is introducing the BUILD IT Act (Borders Unused Idle and Lying Dormant Inventory Transfer Act). The legislation would transfer unused border wall materials to any state willing to finish the job.

    Arizona and Texas may volunteer to use the material if the bill passes. Both states have plans to continue construction on the wall without federal assistance.

    "Here's a simple solution Mr. President: Let's put these materials to use. Let's end the taxpayer-funded waste. Let's stop the unprecedented flow of illegal migrants. And let's build it," she said.

    Joni Ernst: U.S. taxpayers spending billions on border wall not being built | Just The News
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    All these corrupt nasty politicians do is WASTE our money! Trillions of our dollars that should be rebuilding America.

    We are sick of it.

    10% tax across the board, no write-offs, no credits, no loopholes. The swamp should spend within that budget, pass it on time, or they are FIRED, a special election is held to replace them, and no extensions. No Pelosi Pork, these old fossils need to be removed from office. Career grifters!

    We are broke. We pay too much tax, we cannot afford our bills, and then these rotten POS' promise "free" stuff because people cannot afford to live, and then TAKE from others. Enough of this BS.

    They hold us hostage, they destroy our lives, they are nothing but lying, corrupt, thieves.

    We need Term Limits, and they need to be put on Social Security and VA Care.

    No taxpayer funded free Peloton memberships! And no booze delivery on demand. They can have a payroll deduction to pay for their Peloton!

    What else to they steal from the coffers? They embezzle OUR tax dollars!
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