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    Juan Gomez & Family Have Deportation Deadline Extended!!


    Check out the site at the first link.

    Sep 5, 2007 3:59 pm US/Eastern
    Gomez' Family Deportation Deadline Extended
    DeFede: Juan Gomez Discusses Fears Of Deportation
    Immigration Releases Juan Gomez And His Family


    Two brothers facing deportation to Colombia received some good news Wednesday. According to Cheryl Little, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center,Juan and Alex Gomez, along with their parents, have been granted an additional 30 day temporary deportation reprieve.[

    The additional 30 day countdown begins on September 14th which means their deportation reprieve now expires on October 14th, according to Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's office.

    "The Gomez brothers are now college students who are trying to finish their university degrees in a legal way and passage of the DREAM Act will allow them, and many others, to do so," wrote Ros-Lehtinen in a statement. "This time extension will allow them to lobby for more House and Senate co-sponsors for the bill and will grant additional time for their attorneys to prepare their legal case. We will use this time wisely to garner further support."

    The brothers only had about a week left on their original 45 day temporary deportation reprieve.

    [b]On Tuesday, Juan Gomez was in Washington D.C. lobbying for the [color=red]passage of the ‚ÄúDream Act‚Ä

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    I've got a dream too

    I've got a DREAM too; my kids have dreams, my grand children have dreams.... that all of these corrupt politicians pay and pay hard for this huge crime wave shooting across the country

    I have a DREAM that the meth labs poping up in mexico because we are shutting them down here do not ship thier wonderful mind numbing crap with the new and improved cross border trucking (If you let Presidente Bush tell it).

    I have a DREAM that our Superior Commandante Bush is Impeached then charged with war crimes by a world court and Chaney is tagged as well.

    I have a DREAM that we then take Bush and Chertoff into custody and let the world watch as we charge them in Federal court for every rape, murder, Robbery, DUI, and death on our highways by every ILLEGAL ALIEN.... followed by sentancing and swift justice.

    I have a DREAM we forcible evict every corrupt politician Republican/Democrat/Independant that we could find in all local/State and Federal Office.

    I have a DREAM the border is sealed and we finally restore order.

    I have a DREAM all 20+ million ILLEGAL ALIENS are deported.

    I have a DREAM any NAFTA document is dicintegrated

    I have a DREAM the NAU is trashed and we go after any person in political office or in the civilian world that even wispers that acronym.

    I have a DREAM we take the AMERO and get a chance to shove it up someones backside ... I'll trade chickens and goats first.

    I have a DREAM the H2-B and any other visa is taken away ... it's time to bleed another country

    I have a DREAM that this family gets thier day in court and a free ride back to colombia

    and Finally

    I have a DREAM the American people wake up from thier mind numbing trance from all the prescription drugs and ILLEGAL drugs so we can finally pull our collective heads from our 4th point of contact (Our A_ _) and take our country back.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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