Judge Napolitano: ‘Crazy’ For Gov’t To Argue ‘We Must Help Lawbreakers Break The Law More’

Posted By Al Weaver On 10:42 PM 02/23/2015

Judge Andrew Napolitano on “The Kelly File” Monday called the Obama administration “crazy” for arguing that illegal immigrants should be given priority over law-abiding citizens.

Reacting to the government filing both an appeal and a motion to allow President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration to go forward, Napolitano told host Shannon Bream that while the government has a right to appeal, he has never seen the government argue “we must help lawbreakers break the law more.”

“They made a crazy argument,” Napolitano began. “They actually said if you don’t lift your appeal, you will cause irreparable harm to the federal government because we will not be able to serve the people that the president promised he would serve. Who are those people? The 5 million illegal, unlawful aliens that the president is trying to say if you do A, B, C, D, and E, and I made up the A, B, C, D, and E, I won’t deport you.”

“That’s an argument that is so novel, I will tell you in my 40 years of practicing law, part of it as a judge, I have never heard the government argue we must help lawbreakers break the law more,” Napolitano said.