Judge Napolitano Crashes California’s Immigration Party And Calls New ICE Laws ‘Profoundly Unconstitutional’

Posted By Nick Givas On 9:52 AM 03/08/2018

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that California’s new immigration laws are “profoundly unconstitutional” and should be invalidated as soon as possible.

“There’s two statutes in play here. One, I think the federal government will lose the challenge on, and the other is so blatantly unconstitutional it should be thrown out immediately,” Napolitano said. “The first statute, the government of California has said everyone who works for the government — local, county, regional and state. If ICE comes knocking, you can’t lie but you can’t cooperate. You can’t hide, but you shouldn’t communicate.”

“The second statute prohibits private business owners from cooperating with ICE,” Napolitano continued. “You own a sporting gun shop, you own a restaurant, you own a bookstore. ICE comes by and says, ‘We’re looking for this person. Can you help us out?’ If you answer, if you speak, you’ve committed a crime. That’s so profoundly unconstitutional. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said this yesterday, it should be invalidated immediately before there is even a trial.”