By: Lindsay Shively
Posted: 5:10 AM
Last Updated: 35 minutes ago

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mitt Romney is bringing in a top Kansas official after his victory in the Florida primary . Kris Kobach, Secretary of State in Kansas, is coming on board to help Romney take on the illegal immigration issue. He made headlines for that very issue while a law professor at UMKC.

He was one of two authors of the Arizona Immigration Law. Under the law, police officers could detain people they suspected of being in the country illegally and had the right to check their status with federal officials. The law also made it a misdemeanor to not carry immigration papers and anyone who thought the law wasn't being enforced could sue the government.

As Kansas Secretary of State, Kobach just implemented a new voter ID law where all Kansans have to show photo identification at the polls. Next year, newly registering voters will have to prove their citizenship. Kobach has tried to have that portion of the law rushed by six months before the voter registration rush that will likely come with the presidential election.

Kobach says he'll serve as an unpaid advisor. "Well I'm providing advice on the best approach to immigration enforcement and immigration law generally," he said while speaking to our sister station ABC 15 in Phoenix, Arizona. "I've encouraged the Romney campaign to take a stand of attrition through enforcement which is what Arizona's SB1070 is all about."

Kobach said he also advised Romney at the presidential debate in South Carolina.

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