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    Kobach at CPAC: To Create a Job for a Citizen Tomorrow, Deport an Illegal Alien Today

    by John Hill
    Stand With Arizona

    Kris Kobach, architect of Arizona’s landmark S.B. 1070 and Kansas Secretary of State, brought needed common sense to the CPAC Conference discussion on immigration.

    Following remarks by Alex Nowrasteh, a policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in which he denounced E-Verify and claimed – to boos from the audience – that “free market conservatives” should allow employers to hire illegal aliens (see synopsis here), it was Kobach’s turn to restore sanity.

    First Mr. Kobach laid out the concept of “attrition through enforcement” with a simple analogy. He then laid out how Arizona and Alabama benefitted immensely from their respective immigration crackdowns. Kobach covered the stunning drop in Alabama unemployment (which you can examine in detail in our report HERE), and also how Arizona has seen a huge amount of illegals “self-deporting”, and how it has resulted in school budget surpluses of $50 million, among other benefits.

    Kobach brought the crowd to its feet with the last line of his comments.

    FULL VIDEO HERE (08:35 length)

    A humorous aside: the “Occupy” crowd, which has allied itself with open borders fanatics like MALDEF and LULAC, unfurled a huge protest banner against Kris Kobach. Only one problem – they were in the WRONG ROOM. As Hans von Spakovsky of National Review recalled it
    Kobach’s panel was going on elsewhere in the hotel and he was not on the panel that David Keene was moderating or the one that was about to start. When Keene told the protesters that, everyone in the room started laughing at them and they sheepishly folded up their banner and left. They apparently never made it to the actual room where Kobach was speaking.

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    RUN THE NUMBERS: then lie to me again by saying that there are only 11 million illegal immigrants in our country. Forums for Justice - View Single Post - Border Apprehensions LIARS

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