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    KY: Illegal Immigrant Driving In Deadly Crash

    Illegal Immigrant Driving In Deadly Crash

    Posted: 6:40 PM Sep 23, 2008
    Last Updated: 6:55 PM Sep 23, 2008
    Reporter: Mark Kennedy
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    He wasn't supposed to be driving, but police say he did anyway while drunk. On top of that, investigators say 24-year old Gustavo Guzman-Pineda, who caused the crash is an illegal immigrant. Pineda was pronounced dead on the scene. Court records state in 2006, Pineda was arrested for not having a license or insurance. He pled guilty and was fined nearly seven hundred dollars. He never paid the fine and a warrant was out for his arrest.

    72-year old Tom Murphy, who crashed into Pineda's speeding car says the accident should have never happened because Pineda should not have been driving.

    Fayette Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson says "it's outrageous." Larson has the numbers to back it up. In the last 20 days in Fayette county, 125 arrests of illegal immigrants have been made. 60 of those for not having a drivers license. Larson says a better job needs to be done in identifying and keeping track of these illegal immigrants.

    In most cases, when arrested for not having a license, a person is fined and released. Larson says all people need to be more afraid of the consequences of driving without a license.
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    They need to be deported once found driving without a license instead of being released to go do it again.
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