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    Lake County Illinois Gets Onboard The 287(g) Express!

    Lake County Illinois Gets Onboard The 287(g) Express!
    Jake Jacobson

    I was invited to attend the press conference by the Lake County Sheriff to announce their desire to pursue a 287(g) agreement with the federal government. This will allow Lake County Sheriff’s Police to act as ICE agents when dealing with illegal alien criminals.

    This bus was located near the jail and was too perfect a visual descriptor of the problem to pass up…

    I have video of the whole thing which I will tuck below the fold.

    While deciding whether or not to pursue this agreement one of the things the Sheriff did was an audit of his jail to see just how many illegal aliens they were holding and what crimes they’d committed.

    Here is the list…

    DUI — 25

    Aggravated DUI — 24

    Sex offenses — 22

    Drug offenses — 18

    Murder — 7

    Burglary — 7

    Gun offenses — 4

    Theft — 3

    Home invasion — 3

    Robbery — 2

    Other offenses — 7

    Now these numbers may not seem terribly high but its important to remember that Lake County is a semi-rural area with pretty low crime rates. In fact, according to the Sheriff (5:12 of video #1) without illegal aliens the murder rate wold have been cut in half. Let me repeat that, illegal aliens accounted for half of all murders in Lake County Illinois.

    Now another complaint of the open borders set is that Mexicans and Hispanics are being picked on or somehow discriminated against when immigration law is actually enforced. These following numbers show just how laughable that idea really is. This is a list the origins of foreign born criminals in the Lake County Jail…

    Mexico — 105
    Poland — 5
    Puerto Rico — 4
    El Salvador –3
    Canada — 2
    Honduras — 2
    Philippines — 1
    Columbia — 1
    Vietnam — 1
    Pakistan — 1
    Guatemala — 1
    Cuba — 1
    Russia — 1
    Germany — 1
    Barbados — 1
    7 inmates were unable or unwilling to provide information about their country of origin.

    Pretty shocking when you see it in black and white like this, isn’t it? Mexicans provide a magnitude more criminals than any other country. Its not discrimination when almost the entirety of foreign born criminals comes from one country, that’s called reality!

    The Sheriff also noted the salutary effect on crime in Prince William County Va after implementing the 287(g) protocol…

    19.3% drop in crimes against persons
    43.8% drop in homicides
    22.5% drop in robberies
    18.2% drop in aggravated assaults
    and the deportation of over a 1000 criminal aliens

    He also noted that neighboring Fairfax county experienced an almost perfect inverse in their crime rate seeing their crime rates increase by almost the exact same amount!

    Random notes from the press conference itself…

    Press turnout was surprisingly good. There were reporters and cameras from most major news outlets in the area.

    The only reporter to ask if 287(g) might be racist was from one of the local Hispanic stations, Univision I believe but am not certain.

    Most of the questions seemed to center on which offenses exactly would require deportation, as if their predicate notion was that illegal aliens have a right to be here.

    As we’ve said for a couple of years now, what is so exciting about the 287(g) protocol is that we’ll be able to garner hard numbers about illegal alien crime in a specific area which we can use to rebut the professional ethnic hustlers and pimps of La Raza et al. And of course as the story of Prince William County shows when an area goes 287(g) it will typically force all but the most lunatic of towns or states to follow suit when the crime rate spikes after all the illegals crowd into the new town or state.

    This is a very encouraging development.

    Video after the fold… ...
    Part 1 of 4 Parts ...
    Part 2 of 4 Parts ...
    Part 3 of 4 Parts ...
    Part 4 of 4 Parts
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    Mexicans provide a magnitude more criminals than any other country. Its not discrimination when almost the entirety of foreign born criminals comes from one country, that’s called reality!
    One they want us to purposly ignore.
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    Lake County sheriff continues push for power to deport undocumented immigrants
    Curran blasts Daley, Cook County and Washington over lack of deportation efforts
    By Emily S. Achenbaum | Chicago Tribune reporter
    September 19, 2008
    Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran on Thursday released the results of an audit that showed a fifth of his jail population is undocumented and pressed for the power to deport them.

    In the process, he took shots at Cook County, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and politicians in Springfield and Washington for not doing the same.

    "The city of Chicago as well as the state of Illinois have shown little interest in cooperating with ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]," Curran said. Later, he added: "Throw the bums out of Springfield and Washington but treat the illegal immigrants with love and respect."

    Fourteen months ago, Curran applied for certification in the federal 287(g) program, which gives local law enforcement officials deportation powers under Immigration and Customs supervision. He said he was the first sheriff in Illinois to do so, drawing criticism from groups who say the program is little more than racial profiling.

    Curran said he was doing his part to stop "the terror inflicted by many of these illegal aliens," but that he and his office does not "tolerate any discrimination based on race or ethnicity or condone racial profiling in any form."

    Curran also said the program could save the county millions. Once Immigration and Customs has a detainer on an inmate, it pays $65 to $75 daily to house the inmate in the jail. Curran said the Aug. 6 jailhouse audit found 122 of the 637 inmates were undocumented. More than 100 of those inmates were put under detainers, so the county can now apply to Immigration and Customs for reimbursement for housing those inmates—up to about $4.05 million per year.

    Curran said 25 of those undocumented inmates had been charged with driving under the influence, and the suspects in half of Lake County's 14 murders this past year are undocumented. He guessed the numbers in Chicago are far higher.

    "How many public school kids did we have to bury last year because of Mayor Daley's inability to keep a lid on crime?" Curran said.

    Daley, when told about the sheriff's comments Thursday, said immigrants were an important part of Chicago, and that anti-immigrant groups overstate the amount of crime committed by undocumented immigrants.

    "Many of the people who come here, when they arrive here, they're all working ... I hope Congress and the federal government really protects them in some capacity," Daley said. "That is not the role of the Chicago Police Department, your legal status. I mean, their role is to serve and protect the people of the city of Chicago. And immigrants do not commit the high percentage of crime."

    Cook County sheriff's office spokesman Steve Patterson said the office will not consider a program like 287(g) because Cook is a sanctuary county, meaning officials have directed police and other employees not to ask about Immigration status.

    If Lake County gets 287(g) certification—the process could take two more years, and there's no guarantee the next president will keep the program—it will be able to screen all inmates entering the jail specifically for their Immigration status. Waukegan in the north suburbs and Carpentersville in the northwest suburbs have applied for the federal program. About 50 municipalities nationwide have been given power to check Immigration status through 287(g), with many more applications pending, officials have said.

    When inmates are identified as undocumented, their criminal cases don't go away. Instead, the inmates must still go through the court system. After cases are resolved and inmates have completed their sentences (or been found not guilty or put on probation), each goes before a federal magistrate for a deportation hearing, said Lake County Director of Homeland Security Wayne Hunter.

    If an inmate still can't prove legal Immigration status, the inmate is sent to an area jail or center where deportees are housed before being returned to their home country.

    Rosanna Pulido of Chicago, a member of You Don't Speak For Me, a group of Hispanic Americans against illegal Immigration, stood with Curran on Thursday. "If we shirk the rule of law we are cheating all law-abiding immigrants out of the kind of society they are seeking in the first place," Pulido said.

    Tribune reporter Dan Mihalopoulos contributed. ... 7324.story
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