Laredo Mayor: We Now Have Migrants ‘Stranded’ in Our City, That Didn’t Happen Beforeby IAN HANCHETT 29 Dec 2023On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” Laredo, TX Mayor Treviño stated that while Laredo is used to having migrants released into the city, things are different now, because instead of moving on to another city, there are now people “stranded in our community with no money and no idea of where they’re going.”Treviño said, “We’re seeing conditions, in fact, a humanitarian hurricane here locally in the making. Because as the largest land port in the U.S. — the largest port in the U.S, we’ve been accustomed to seeing migrants being released in our community. But most of them get on a bus and they go to another destination. But now, what we’re seeing is refugees from all over the world — not precisely from Mexico, they come from South America and all over the world — stranded in our community with no money and no idea of where they’re going. So, even if 1% of those people who are referred from other border areas [are] being released daily here, 1% would be significant in our streets. We would not be able to absorb the costs of sheltering or providing medical services, and I’ve been talking to border mayors and they’re seeing the same thing.”