Large Group of South American Migrants Apprehended at West Texas Border

by BOB PRICE 8 Nov 2021

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents encountered a large group of South American migrants after they illegally entered the U.S. near Eagle Pass, Texas. Large group crossings in this sector forced Biden administration officials to reopen the infamous outdoor detention area under the Del Rio International Bridge.

Agents assigned to the Eagle Pass Station on November 4 received information about a large migrant crossing. Agents responded to the area and found a group of more than 100 migrants who had illegally crossed from Mexico.

Chief Patrol Agent Del Rio Texas

Another group of over 100 was encountered near Eagle Pass yesterday. We are monitoring this trend as the escalation of apprehensions is similar to the situation we faced in Del Rio. We are constantly analyzing operations to maximize the effectiveness of our limited resources.

3:38 PM · Nov 5, 2021

The agents apprehended the migrants and conducted immigration interviews and medical assessments. They identified the migrants as citizens of Colombia and Venezuela, according to information obtained from Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials.

Agents report the large group contained several “tender-aged children and a 75-year-old woman.”

Sector officials report a large increase in the number of migrants crossing near Eagle Pass over the past week. Eagle Pass Station Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 3,500 migrants just in the past seven days, officials stated.

In one incident, agents apprehended a large group of nearly 200 migrants near Normandy, Texas, Breitbart Texas reported on November 4.

Normandy is located along the Texas-Mexico border a few miles north of Eagle Pass.

The increasing number of apprehensions in the Del Rio Sector forced Biden administration officials to reopen the outdoor detention area where more than 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants were held in September, according to an exclusive report from Breitbart’s Randy Clark.

“According to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol officials detained more than 100 mostly Central American migrants under the Del Rio International Bridge on Saturday as overnight temperatures fell into the low 50s,” Clark revealed. Additionally, the source reported the detention of approximately 1,500 migrants in temporary holding cells at Border Patrol stations across the Del Rio Sector.