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    Latino civil-rights group helps renters know rights in Freeh

    Latino civil-rights group helps renters know rights in Freehold
    Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 12/25/06

    FREEHOLD — A Latino civil rights group has established a program in the borough to monitor inspections of rental properties and inform residents of their rights in a community with a history of friction between municipal leaders and Latino residents.

    The Monmouth County chapter of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey has made complaint forms available at two locations in the borough for renters who feel their rights have been violated, according to chapter director Frank Argote-Freyre.

    A Freehold resident himself, Argote-Freyre said the program was started in response to complaints from renters after the borough's decision a few months ago to inspect every rental property on an annual basis.

    "We had been getting periodic complaints that the inspectors are rude, the police are coming into the house even though they are not supposed to," Argote-Freyre said.

    "It's a very intimidating thing to have someone come to your door at 9 at night," he said, adding that it's especially true for renters who do not speak English that well. "We want to inform people of what their rights are so they don't feel intimidated."

    Borough Business Administrator Joe Bellina said the borough respects the rights of renters and all residents and noted that the borough has the right to conduct inspections.

    The alliance acknowledged that right in a news release but said it wanted to ensure the inspections are conducted in a way that respects those living in rental properties.

    The alliance and the Hispanic Affairs Resource Center, which is based in Asbury Park and has offices in Freehold and Red Bank, outlined renters' rights in the release, which states that renters:

    Do not have to allow inspectors in unless they have a warrant from a judge and they present it for your inspection.

    Have the right to reschedule an inspection if the time is inconvenient.

    Have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

    Do not have to let police in unless a warrant is presented.

    The complaint forms, offered in English and Spanish, are available at the resource center office at 12 Throckmorton St. and at New Beginnings Agape Christian Center, 133 Throckmorton St.

    Renters with a complaint will have access to attorney representation. Moreover, the forms will be turned over to a court monitor charged with overseeing a federal court settlement between the borough and Latino plaintiffs, according to the release.

    Bellina said the borough complies with the court resolution.

    "Freehold Borough engages in inspection practices that have been clearly established by the protocols that have been prepared by the guidance of Dennis Bliss, who was appointed by the U.S. court to help us with such an endeavor."

    Those protocols include who goes to a rental property, when they go and what they need to enter the property, Bellina said.

    In December 2003, groups representing day laborers filed a lawsuit after the borough shut down a muster zone, where day laborers gathered to find work. As part of the settlement, the borough agreed to reimburse fines dating back to Jan. 1, 2002, collected from Latinos convicted of loitering, and also agreed to new code enforcement protocols.

    This story contains information from previous Press articles. ... 50331/1004
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    If these renters are illegals, deport them. And those supporting them need to be held accountable. Is there not laws that make it a crime to aid and abet a criminal? Why are those laws not being enforced?

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    The complaint forms, offered in English and Spanish
    Where are the Japanese, Chinese, French, Hindi, etc., forms?
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