by Jim Cross/KTAR

Arizona Republican lawmaker John Kavanagh said the attempt to repeal SB1070 by Democratic lawmaker Steve Gallardo is a media stunt that will hurt the state's economy.

"It makes no sense whatsoever," said Kavanagh. "Apparently, Sen. Gallardo only got half the message. While this is about jobs, it's about jobs for legal Arizonans this year. All he's doing is trying to get jobs for illegal Arizonans."

Kavangh went on to say that the repeal movement is only meant to draw attention to the Democrats and the bill won't be heard.

"All this is doing is churning up the controversy again which will again hurt Arizona's economy," he said.

Kavangh said opponents of the tough illegal immigration law have zero chance of overturning it and he believes the Supreme Court will restore SB1070's toughest provisions later this year.

Source: Lawmaker: SB1070 repeal endangers Ariz. economy -