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    Legislation Would Prevent Hiring Illegal Immigrants

    Legislation Would Prevent Hiring Of Illegal Immigrants
    Proposal Would Impose Strict Penalties

    POSTED: 10:16 am EDT June 22, 2006
    UPDATED: 12:06 pm EDT June 22, 2006

    BOSTON -- State Republicans plan to file legislation that would prevent state contractors and subcontractors from hiring illegal immigrants.

    Currently, there are no state requirements beyond the basic regulations of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act for employers to verify immigration status.

    The proposal would also impose strict penalties for falsifying identification documents and using falsified documents to obtain employment.

    The legislation will be filed by Sen. Bruce Tarr and Sen. Scott Brown, who have worked for the past several months to address immigration concerns

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    There's so much legislation for everything and this would be great if they just ENFORCE them!!! Is that so much to ask? You'd especially think state and government jobs would do this anyway as proticol. But hey.....I said "think" and there isn't much of that going on.
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    Ilegal Alien Hiring

    Unfortunately there is no thiniking and common sense. That is why illegal aliens were and are most likely still employed on top security military installations and secure areas of airports and other critical infrastructure areas with fraudulent documentation or no documentation at all. I am retired military. It took over 2 years including exhaustive background checks and investigations for a top level security clearance. Illegal aliens were found on government contractor sites dealing
    with tomahawk missiles and other DOD installations with fraudulent or no documention which endangered military personnel and critical resources supporting the war on terror. When I access a DOD installation I have to have valid decals on my vehicle and a valid military ID. Illegal aliens were found working on military installations near aircraft and armaments with fraudulent or no ID's. This administration practices selective security holding the safety and welfare of Americans hostage to political gamesmanship.

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