LETTER: The imperiled Texan


Monday, June 19, 2006

This discrimination is taking place nationwide. But I am a Texan, and I am concerned first about my state. Our elected politicians, both state and federal, have refused to enforce the law without discrimination. If a Texan forges a drivers license, he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Not so, if he is an "illegal alien." If a Texan forges or uses another' Social Security number he's in a heap of trouble. Not so with the "illegal alien." When a Texas businessman breaks the law, he has a day in court. If that Texas business man hires an "illegal alien" no problem.

When an employer advertises for workers, and stipulates "Spanish speaking workers only" this is discrimination. Of course Texas politicians never read the, "Help Wanted Columns", When millions of "illegal alien Workers, take a day off, to march, displaying the Mexican flag that's freedom of speech.

That's an exact quote from the Texas Attorney Generals Office, when I called to enquire about the legality of the marches. The secretary also informed me the Attorney General was not an elected position. That's unfortunate.

A Texas student who "plays hookey" is subject to disciplinary action. But not an "illegal alien" student. This was proven by the Hudson School board not the superintendent.

If a Texan rented a two-bedroom house and moved 20 or more "friends" in, the health department and every other entity would invade the place. Not so with the "Illegal Aliens".

Texas is "owned" by the Republican party, and nothing is going to change. Sen. Hutchison, Sen. Cornyn and the rest of the Republicans are going to continue their discriminatory practices against "legal Texans" with the help of business, religious organizations and decline of the true spirit of Texans. What happened to, "Remember The Alamo?"