June 18, 2005

A Letter from a Reader
Dear Sirs:

Read your column The End of Freedom.

Some thoughts here:

President Bush is the one that is going to divide and make the Republican Party fall on the immigration sword. Someone (presumably in the Immigration Reform Caucus) has got to start yelling.

While many generally agree with the President's conservative values and think he has done some good, Americans have given their chance and seen enough on President Bush. Mr. Bush's actions about the U.S. Border problem have been and continue to be; do-nothing, call the Minutemen Americans 'Vigilantes', have the Border Patrol stand around and NOT do their job, watch more violence against Americans at the Border, etc. It is getting BAD as invasion and direct assault on Our U.S. Country is a violation of the highest order.

President Bush resents the American People and actually enjoys watching Americans being called Racists by illegal Invaders. What's that? - the National Council of La Racists - it's Alberto Gonzales - the U.S. Atttorney General that no American likes. President Bush uses American's tax money to have Americans violated and invaded.

The false question of why President Bush's popularity and job performance are in the trash is pointless talk. The American People who voted for Mr. Bush and even basic conservatives are losing all credibility for this President. Mr. Bush knows why and so doesn't the Administration and whole bunch of folks. IT'S CALLED, THE UNITED STATES BORDER, STUPID!! It's the BORDER, STUPID. Hey, Stupid it's called the BORDER. It's called INVASION, STUPID. IMPEACH President Bush now.

Let's see; 100,000 jobs created but 150,000 illegal Aliens poured into the Country, 50,000 jobs were outsourced to India and China, factories moved to Mexico and Canada due to NAFTA - that's a net loss of 150,000 jobs. Oh, now GM - 25,000 jobs lost.

All hail the failure of President Bush as he takes the U.S. from Superpower status to feeble crisis. This outrageous open Border notion that somehow U.S. National Security suddenly depends on the economic well-being and democracy of foreign Nations is a boondoggle lie. National Security is right there at the hands of the President not in the hands of foreign Nations depending on U.S. giving them wealth. This notion is nearly a 'running scared' from 9/11, that the U.S. had better give up its wealth or the World might attack the U.S. again.

Economy example:
I would like to be able to hire award-winning journalists for minimum wage. I can't seem to do it. Should I petition Congress and the president to locate foreigners to come work to meet my needs? Of course not.

It would be ludicrous to expect the government to concern itself with such a matter. It would indeed be un-American.

Legal costs are very expensive in this country. Would the president suggest the answer is importing foreign lawyers to bring the costs down?

Medical costs are high. Should we import foreign doctors to give the American MDs some competition?

No. I don't think any American would suggest such ideas – not even the president.

Yet, Bush has no problem victimizing Americans on the with additional foreign competition. Does this make sense to any one?

Jobs currently being done by millions of illegal aliens were once done almost exclusively by legal immigrants, adult Americans and teenagers getting their first work experience. What was wrong with that?

It seems to me the president not only shows a complete lack of interest in American homeland security by justifying illegal immigration and open borders with the phony need for cheap labor, he also demonstrates no understanding of basic economics.

If there are no workers to perform jobs at a minimal pay level, the wages will increase to attract those workers. This is called the law of supply and demand. It's not a theory. It's not a hypothesis. It's not guesswork. It's a natural law.

What would be wrong with paying higher wages for work considered unattractive to many Americans?

Isn't that the American way?

Those jobs will all be filled when employers make them financially attractive enough to American workers by paying competitive wages. Instead of a race to the bottom, maybe Corporations would actually do the right thing and build up communities instead of ruining lives.

In some cases, that might mean higher prices to American consumers. But so what? It seems to me that would be a small price to pay for maintaining the American culture, for lower crime rates and for increased national security.

Maybe Wall Street Journal Reporters and other media jobs should be outsourced, then they can sell their house and their car and give the money to illegal Aliens. Then they can speak Spanish and fly a Mexican flag and live in a 3rd World sewer like their children will.

What doesn't President Bush and other ilk get about the United States being raped and pillaged?? Just hang the Mexican flag at the white house and call it good - who cares?? It's the easy thing to do.

President Bush no longer has anything of value to offer Americans and the United States other than detriment and harm. The impeachment should be 10 times worse than Clinton. President Bush is failing and totally negligent to his oath of office. Remember, That's President of the United States, Mr. Bush.

President Bush is becoming the worst President in United States History. Open Borders concept must go.

Impeach President Bush now!

Ronald King
Hickory, NC

Reader Comments:

On 2005-06-13 22:13:17, Nancy Levant wrote:

Dear Ronald, Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to my article. I have to agree with the others in that Congress, as well as most current state governors, are all very, very complicit in the highly planned dismantling of America. The global Cabal is real, and we are dealing with very, very powerful people. Our best defense is that they are the few, though they also control all large corporations - globally. Nonetheless, they are the few.


On 2005-06-13 07:41:28, Raimond wrote:

Shrub Jr. and fellow-travelers will continue to grind the economy into the ground with scuzzy legislation and policies until Americans are so desperate that they demand that government "do something, ANYthing, to rescue us from oblivion." Take our freedom, take our property, just save us from the dastardly enemy of the day!


On 2005-06-12 19:24:36, James R Kendig wrote:

"Sorry Charlie" there is no way this or any congress would impeach King George,this is one of the most corrupt administrations to date.VinceS.suggest wait till 2008 or another Sept.11th,well as for 2008 one tyrant is as good as the next and that is what will happen in 2008,another Sept.11th will bring nothing more than more of the same except in more extreme measures,like maybe martial law.So shut up,sit down and enjoy the ride!Revolution anyone?


On 2005-06-12 18:42:17, Sue wrote:

2006 vote out congressperson's that favor open borders, high legal and illegal Immigrants. 2008 Tom Trancredo R Colorado for President. Find links at www.americanpatrol.com


On 2005-06-12 10:05:16, Terry Graham wrote:

Must we wait until 100% success of Bush
impeachment is insured? If the Founders had
waited until 100% chance of success in the
American Revolution was guaranteed, we'd be
speaking the King's English. Bloody 'ell. True
Republican activists, get it on!