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Thread: Lindsey Graham Refused To Debate Stephen Miller On Tucker’s Show

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    Lindsey Graham Refused To Debate Stephen Miller On Tucker’s Show

    Posted By Peter Hasson On 8:55 PM 01/22/2018

    Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham declined Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s invitation to debate White House adviser Stephen Miller on his show, Carlson said Monday night.

    Graham’s refusal to debate Miller, who accepted the debate invitation from Carlson, came after the senator called Miller an “extremist” on the subject of immigration.

    “Over the weekend Senator Lindsey Graham announced that White House advisor Stephen Miller is an extremist on immigration. It is Miller’s fault he says that the Senate can’t work out a deal on DACA. He is in the U.S. Senate and Stephen Miller is not. Graham didn’t explain how miller was wrong, he just said he was extreme and should therefore shut up,” the Daily Caller co-founder said.

    “We spoke to Stephen Miller and he’s perfectly willing to come on the show and debate Senator Graham directly about their differences on immigration. That would be fascinating, we would all benefit from that but Graham has refused. Why? The truth is that Lindsey Graham is the one with an extreme position on immigration,” Carlson continued.

    “Nothing personal, but the numbers show it. The new Harvard Harris poll last week showed that 81 percent of Americans want immigration reduced below current levels, large majorities want skill-based immigration and an end to the diversity lottery and a more secure border.”

    Graham, Carlson said, is “on the wrong side of the public on every one of those issues. He is literally an extremist. He is still welcome on the show anytime to explain himself. That invitation stands, as it always has.”

    Graham’s office declined TheDC’s request for comment.
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    He can't debate Stephen Miller. Totally unmatched. Stephen would undo every argument Lindesey Graham would attempt to make and totally embarrass him. Stephen Miller knows immigration, every little detail. Since he was a young teenager he has educated himself and makes a full defense of "America First" ideas.

    Lindsey Graham could not try to spin his deceitful web of lies about illegal immigration or the plan that he and Durbin presented to the president when Stephen Miller is there to tell the facts.
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    Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/22/18 | Fox News January 22, 2018

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    Love it! Lindsey Graham can't handle a fair fight and he ran from Carleson and Miller like a roach when the lights turn on!
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