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    Lone Protester- Do American Workers Matter?

    Lone Protester- Do American Workers Matter? 03/06/08

    Today is the anniversary of a significant date in American history. On March 6 1836, the Alamo finally fell to Mexican forces under Santa Anna after a thirteen day battle. The entire 189 man garrison was wiped out to the last man. No quarter was given. We lost a lot of patriots that day. Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Barrett Travis and 186 other Texans were there, not to surrender, but to fight to the last for what they believed in. Those men gave their lives for a cause. They sacrificed themselves for an idea called freedom. Can we do any less?

    So today, 172 years from the day that the Alamo fell, I am driving around all the usual jobsites looking for work. Everywhere I go I see a Mexican invasion in process. Everywhere I go I see illegal aliens. Everywhere I go I cannot find any work because all the employers using illegal aliens have stolen all the of it. And I think back to those guys inside the Alamo and I get angry. Where are the Americans of the caliber of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie? Where are the Americans that are willing to step forward and tell our leaders to get the hell out of the way if they will not lead? Where are the Americans willing to put everything on the line and say enough is enough?

    Is there anybody out there will to take a stand for American workers? Or are we just going to go the way of the dinosaurs? Does any leader out there actually have any guts to stand up for the workers of this country or are all of them so weak and politically correct that they are permitting this country’s entire work force to be replaced by illegal aliens? Does the American worker matter anymore in the greater scheme of things? Why isn’t our system working for us anymore?

    I do not know the answer to any of these questions. I just know that I am very angry seeing, living and experiencing an invasion that is being ignored by our leaders. I am tired of constantly worrying about how I am going to pay all my bills that I am months behind on. I am tired of constantly having to look for work that is being taken over by criminals. And I am most definitely tired of having to defend myself against racism charges when I complain about it. And I am sick and tired of our officials that refuse to do anything about it. Tomorrow I may as well stay in bed, I do not have any work, nor do I have to pick up any checks for any work I have done this week. Because I haven’t. Tomorrow, my paycheck comes out to zero dollars. The money stops but the bills never do.

    And nobody gives a damn. To my governor, senator and state and city officials, my voice is unheard. They would rather listen to the voices that give them the money to stay in office. Our law enforcement agencies would rather get their orders from the useless politicians than listen to the citizens. Average workers like myself, have no voice in the political process anymore. We are the forgotten ones, the ones that are getting pushed to the side of the road and getting sacrificed to the gods of political correctness. Nobody will speak out for us because nobody cares. Let me spit on the sidewalk, though, and see if I don’t get arrested. Let a criminal employer hire illegal aliens and see if he will get arrested.

    Our system has been turned upside down. The criminals rule and the law abiding go to jail. The criminals use the system and the citizens get slammed. I complain about being run out of business and I get called a racist. I complain about my industry being replaced by illegal aliens and I get called a racist. Is this what those Texans gave their lives for on this day in 1836? Have things degenerated to the point that no American has the guts to take charge anymore? Are American workers like me going to be forced out of our jobs and businesses without anybody speaking up for us?

    Why has the rule of law been suspended in this country? Why has our Constitution been trashed and why are our politicians aiding and abetting criminals? Why have they forgotten the American people? Why do we not matter anymore?

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    I told our city officials yesterday that I had three words for them: "Displaced American Worker." I told them that we, among many other Americans, were a groundswell that would vote against their policies, which now favor the illegal alien over American citizens.

    In smaller towns across America the IA businesses have driven legal US citizens out---and to the bigger cities where there are now quite a few more workers than actual positions. It has driven many to desperate actions because they could no longer be tradesmen or small entrepreneurs in their hometowns. It has driven many from the less skilled trades to the more highly skilled---but employers are not always objective and give ear to hard luck stories and desperation rather than choose the best worker.

    It is an economic upheaval of the first magnitude. Our choice is to resort to actions in the legislatures--and curtail the ultra liberal policies of certain civic leaders.
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