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    Looks like there was another attack on Patriots in CA!

    [b]Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.
    - Arnold J. Toynbee

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    TIME'S UP!
    Why should <u>only</u> AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL immigrants, have to obey the law?!

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    The cops in California are crap! They need to dump them and hire from across the nation to clean out the coruption.

    Those guys stopped to steal the cameras that had the faces of the thugs across the street on it. Assault and theft, with evidence and they didn't even take a report. What!!!!!!

    That's messed up.

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    I have always thought of the police as the good guys and someone that would help the innocent if you had a problem but after reading some of these things I hate to see everyone end up fearing the police, which is going to happen if they don't start enforcing the law instead of supporting criminals. Citizens won't be able to trust them.

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    That web site is kind of out there. I don't like to hear the Minute Men compared to the original KKK, and although I love guns and shooting sports I don't think a picture of a man holding a handgun is going to help their cause. I realize that in California you cannot get a concealed carry permit or even carry one of those expanding steel batons, and that makes the police inaction even more frustrating. Odd isn't it that men can attack you calling you names but because they are Hispanic no one is yelling "hate crime".

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