Lou Dobbs Tonight
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tonight, baseball star Roger Clemens and his former trainer
Brian McNamee spent the day testifying on Capitol Hill. McNamee
says Clemens used illegal steroids at least 16 times in the
late 1990s. Clemens says that’s a lie. We’ll have all the

Plus, President Bush signed Congress’ $170 billion economic
stimulus package. We’ll have that story and the latest on the
presidential campaign a day after Sens. Barack Obama and John
McCain swept their parties’ primaries in Maryland, Virginia and

The Bush Administration and major mortgage lenders announced
another rescue plan yesterday. But who it will help? Some say
the plan will only help affluent families. We’ll take a closer

In an effort to reduce the huge backlog of visa and citizenship
applications, the Department of Homeland Security will now give
permanent resident status (a Green Card) to applicants who have
passed an FBI fingerprint check, but not a name-based check.
Why was there a backlog in the first place and how will this
policy change affect our national security? We’ll have that

And the Department of Transportation continues to defy the will
of Congress and the American people by giving Mexican trucks
unlimited access to our highways. Now, the Teamsters are
fighting back. They are appealing to California's 9th Circuit
Court to stop the program. We'll have the details in our
special report.

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