6 May 2016

Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry slammed the D.C. political class pushing mass immigration and stalling grassroots conservatives’ efforts to end dangerous practices such as funding sanctuary cities on Breitbart News Daily Friday morning.

Landry, who is spearheading the effort in Louisiana to cut off funding for building projects and to allow victims of illegal alien crime to sue municipalities shielding aliens told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon sanctuary cities were “un-American.”

“They increase crime in every municipality in which the policy is in place. And what it does, it takes valuable law enforcement tools away from our law enforcement officers. It endangers citizens. It doesn’t do anything for our help for fighting global terrorism, because what happens is, the police are prohibited from cooperating with the feds. That’s not only un-American, it’s unlawful,” he said, also pointing to the murder of San Francisco’s Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal alien deported five times with dozens of arrests.

Landry also criticized the political class, especially Republicans such as former House Speaker John Boehner and current Speaker Paul Ryan, for ignoring the threats posed to Americans by out-of-control illegal immigration.

“They end up living in a bubble and not understanding the practicality of what everyday citizens have to go through. They don’t have to put their edicts into practice. And that’s the problem over there,” Landry said.

“Look, I’ve complained about Boehner’s inability to govern and basically pigeonhole the Obama administration, time after time after time, and instead of making progress and moving forward, we’re constantly stepping back. And everything that they’re complaining about today is based on policies that they implemented,” he said.

“I ended up out of Congress, I enjoyed my time there and got a lot of great people still out there, a lot of patriots standing up for us in Congress,” he continued. “But you know what, now I ended up as the attorney general for the state of Louisiana, and we’re going to take the same conservative principles I had when I was in Congress, and we’re going to implement them in the state of Louisiana.”

House Leadership ousted Landry in 2012 after his district was broken into three parts. Undeterred, he launched a successful run for Attorney General of Louisiana.

Attorneys general “are our last defense” against government overreach, Landry has previously said on Breitbart News Daily.