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    Luzerne County eyes cases of voter registration fraud ... 3&Itemid=2

    WILKES-BARRE — County Election Bureau Director Len Piazza told the Luzerne County commissioners, meeting Tuesday as the Election Board, that voter registration in some areas is “raising red flags.” Piazza didn’t specify the areas, but Hazleton is known to be one of them because of passion raised over the city’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act. An earlier report indicated at least 50 applications from voter registration drives in the Hazleton area had Social Security numbers that couldn’t be verified.
    Piazza said election workers have been instructed not to issue a registration to anyone whose identity doesn’t match a check of either a Pennsylvania driver’s license or Social Security number as required by the Help America Vote Act.
    “We don’t have time to commit to a comprehensive investigation,” Piazza said.
    However, he emphasized that people sign a voter registration form “under penalty of perjury” and anyone found to have registered fraudulently would be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.
    Piazza said absentee ballots and the first of two mailings to voters, each containing 97,000 polling place change and voter identification cards, would begin going out this week.
    Solicitor Neil O’Donnell said election officials have been sued again by Anne Bergold, who is attempting to get a question on the November ballot reversing a 2001 referendum requiring Wilkes-Barre to elect council members by districts rather than at large.
    The election board rejected a petition for a new referendum in Wilkes-Barre on Sept. 14.
    O’Donnell said 29 days passed before Bergold filed the mandamus action, which will be considered by election judges Thomas Burke and Chester Muroski at an expedited hearing Monday.
    He said Piazza would testify that it “will be extraordinarily difficult to place the referendum on the ballot” if the court sides with Bergold.
    O’Donnell said, “Nothing is impossible, just very difficult. I think our case is strong on the merits. If we lose, we’ll deal with it and do our best to comply with the court order. It won’t be a day at the beach.”
    The board approved HAVA budget changes that reallocate $22,000 from auditing and training to public service announcements.
    Members also approved the General Election proclamation, lists of voting machine operators and local boards of election, and voter registration statistics.
    A total of 196,515 county residents are registered to vote on Nov. 7. The number includes 110,310 Democrats and 80,016 Republicans.
    Piazza said approximately 31,000 of the registrations are considered “inactive” and will be purged from the rolls if they don’t vote. He said the high-water mark was in 2004 when 214,000 residents were registered to vote and that the purge system is working.
    Commissioners Todd Vonderheid, Steve Urban and Greg Skrepenak comprise the Election Board.
    Despite a quorum being present, Chairman Vonderheid delayed starting the advertised 10 a.m. meeting for 13 minutes because Skrepenak was tardy.

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    “We don’t have time to commit to a comprehensive investigation,” Piazza said.
    That's what they are counting on.

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