Body Count: 183 in Tamaulipas and 91 in Durango; Honduran authorities search for two Al-Qaeda
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Milenio (Mexico) 4/26/2011

Nearly Eight Tons of Marijuana Seized in Tijuana

Baja California .- Elements of the Federal Agency of Investigations (AFI) in Tijuana, Baja California, seized 8 tons of marijuana with a value exceeding $ 10 million in the U.S. market. The state delegation of the PGR reported that 691 packages were seized containing 718 kilos 300 grams of marijuana and also weapons, in a cellar in the delegation La Mesa. This morning, the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), received an anonymous tip, which reported that in a building in the city of Tijuana was used to protect drug packages. Immediately, the AFI-supported military moved to the address provided, where they found and seized more than seven tons of dry grass, presumably marijuana, and crystal, two rifles, a handgun and more. Because of this, an investigation has been initiated to locate whoever is responsible. The seized drugs and weapons are available with the Federal Public Ministry, who will continue with the investigation.


MEXICO: More skeletal remains found in Durango. Total now 91. -OEM

MEXICO: State of Zacatecas also fighting wildland fires.-El Imparcial

MEXICO: Businessman Killed After Failed Kidnapping in Coahuila-Milenio

MEXICO: State of Chiapas has recorded 126 wildfires in 4 months.-El Universal

MONTERREY: Fire fighter, 30 yrs old, died in front of his fellow fire fighters. Just hours earlier he worked one fire for 12 hours. (Note: remember they also the initial responders for the many gunfights and fires set by the cartel.)-Milenio
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GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN Late Tuesday, yet another two officers gunned down, with one dead.

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN Municipal police officer executed.

DURANGO: State prison chief assassinated while driving.

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN Police officer gunned down in vehicle. Few minutes later at a different location, two more officers gunned down, dead.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEÓN: Police officer ambushed, killed.

CADAREYTA, NUEVO LEON: Five mutilated bodies found Tuesday, ‘cooked’ inside drums. Nearby were various axes.

ROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA: Seven Sinaloa cartel members captured

TEPIC, NAYARIT: Couple ambushed, man killed instantly, woman wounded. Two police officers nearby wounded. Over 400 cases found, with 300 bullet holes in couple’s in truck alone.

MAZATLAN, SINALOA: Two gunmen captured.

SAN ANDRES TUXTLA, VERACRUZ: Two Zetas captured by municipal police and army.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON: Employee of state public security gunned down inside gas station.