Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north
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Friday, 9/17/10

Banderas News (Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) 9/16/10

Mexico builds its own wall on its southern border to block the way north

(Click the link below to see a wide ranging English language article that describes the latest events and challenges to northbound illegal migration)


El Comercio (Lima, Peru), Correo (Arequipa, Peru) 9/16/10

Over two tons of cocaine seized

A joint operation by Dinandro agents (equiv. of the DEA) in various locales in southern Peru resulted in the seizure of 2.3 tons of cocaine and the arrest of 22 persons, among them four Mexicans believed to be members of the Arellano Felix gang from Tijuana. The drug was all in one kilo packages, ready to be shipped abroad. ... s-arequipa ... _id=434906


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 9/16/10

A propensity for over-elaborate wordiness, and for violence

[The first three paragraphs of an article reporting the assassination of 9 persons in Ciudad Juarez this Wednesday]

“A decapitated man was located yesterday afternoon in the streets of the Corregidora neighborhood, with this crime the number of persons assassinated yesterday Wednesday reached nine.