Illegal immigrants detained after Kittery theft charge
By Deborah Mcdermott
April 15, 2012 2:00 AM

KITTERY, Maine Five illegal immigrants with Guatemalan identification were taken into custody by federal authorities Thursday, after one allegedly swindled a store clerk out of $94.

Police were called to an outlet store around 4 p.m. by a clerk who recognized that individuals were attempting to use a $100 bill to make small purchases and were confusing the clerk while the cash transaction was taking place.

Police Chief Paul Callaghan said more than one individual was reported as being involved in the alleged swindle. However, only one person, Marlon Canahui Can, 24, no known address, was actually in possession of pilfered money when he and four others were later stopped by police, officials said.

Police said they received a description of the vehicle in which Can and the others were last seen. Kittery police stopped the car and its occupants as it began to exit the mall area. The car, registered in Alabama, contained five individuals who produced Guatemalan identification.

As Kittery police continued their investigation, they were assisted by members of the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Through their combined efforts, the officers determined all of the occupants of the vehicle had entered and remained in the United States illegally.

All of the occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody by agents of U.S. Immigration and held at the Cumberland County jail in Portland, Maine.

Kittery police charged Can with theft by unauthorized taking, a class E crime. That charge, police allege, was a result of Can successfully stealing $94 in cash from a local store. Can was summons for the crime and released to U.S. Immigration agents.

Police said they recovered the stolen money at the scene.

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