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Man Arrested In Connection With Assault With Gun

By Don Dailey
The Morning News
ROGERS -- A Rogers man was arrested Wednesday after threatening three other men with a gun for "disrespecting" him, police said.

Carlos Gonzalez-Campos, 32, of 1415 S. 12th St. was jailed after three men reported he pointed a loaded pistol at them as they sat in a car at 1409 S. 12th St.

A probable-cause affidavit said police found two handguns and suspected methamphetamine in a duplex at 1507 S. 12th St. where Gonzalez-Campos was found.

Christopher Wagoner, Brad Mayse and John McVay told police they were riding in Mayse's Ford Mustang on 12th Street when a Dodge Dakota approached from behind and followed the Mustang closely. The Mustang pulled away from the Dakota and parked, while the Dakota went down the street and parked, the affidavit said.

A man later identified as Gonzalez-Campos, according to the affidavit, approached the Mustang and pointed a revolver at Wagoner and hit him on each side of the head and on the chin with the gun and said "You think I'm playing?"

The man then pointed the gun at Mayse and McVay in turn and asked the same question, the affidavit said.

The man hit Wagoner again on the head with the gun and walked away, the affidavit said.

Witnesses told police they saw the man enter the duplex at 1507 S. 12th St.

A woman allowed police in and showed them where Gonzalez-Campos was hiding, the affidavit said.

Gonzalez-Campos showed officers where he put the gun in a closet on top of a heating unit, according to the affidavit.

Gonzalez-Campos was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, possession of a controlled substance and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

He was being held in the Benton County Jail on Friday for Immigration and Customs Enforcement on suspicion of re-entering the United States after being deported. He was also given a bond of $25,000.