Manufactured Border Collapse: Record Number—12,600 Illegals—Invade The United States IN ONE DAY


The Biden Border Invasion continues to escalate. a previous record of 12,000 earlier in December has been busted wide open.

The new record is 12,600 a day, inclusive of U.S. Border Patrol arrests and aliens who are released at the Ports-of-Entry (POE).

The besieged U.S. southern border saw a record number of migrant encounters in a single day on Monday, as thousands flooded into Eagle Pass, Texas, amid a broader surge in recent weeks that has left authorities overwhelmed.

There were over 12,600 migrant encounters on Monday, Customs and Border Protection sources told Fox. That does not include the thousands still waiting for processing in the Del Rio Sector on Monday evening after a surge of migrants into Eagle Pass. The number includes over 11,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions and over 1,600 encountered at ports of entry.

As of Tuesday morning, sources told Fox that agents are still processing and transporting more than 4,500 migrants at the busy crossing point, with more than 5,300 already in custody and facilities at 260% over capacity.

Southern Border Hit By Record Number Of Migrant Encounters In A Single Day As Thousands Flood Into Texas, by Adam Shaw, Bill Melugin, and Griff Jenkins, Fox News, December 19, 2023

This not because of Title 42 lapsing, it is because the Biden Regime announced to the world that illegal aliens who cross the border would not be deported, that any fraudulent claim of asylum would be entertained, Remain-In-Mexico (RIM) was ended, and Expedited Removal barred to the US Border Patrol. All this despite the lies from the Biden Regime minions claiming that illegal aliens were being deported.

CBP Lies When It Says Illegal Aliens Are Not Allowed To StayReflecting evidence that CBP is not using its legal authorities to end the Biden Border Crisis, the backlog in the immigration court system, the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), has ballooned to three million cases, not inclusive of all the aliens from the zerg rush that received Notices To Report (NTR) to ICE SVU offices and failed to appear and does not include the hundreds of thousands who are being paroled, rather than court dates via Notices to Appear when arrested.

A new record was reached in November. The Immigration Court backlog passed 3 million pending cases. Just 12 months ago, during November 2022, the backlog was 2 million. That means the case backlog has grown by a million cases in just the past 12 months.

Immigration Judges are swamped. Immigration Judges now average 4,500 pending cases each. If every person with a pending immigration case were gathered together, it would be larger than the population of Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. Indeed, the number of waiting immigrants in the Court’s backlog is now larger than the population found in many states.

Previous administrations — all the way back through at least the George W. Bush administration — have failed when they tried to tackle the seemingly intractable problem of the Immigration Court “backlog.”[1] Recently, however, the accelerating growth in the Court’s backlog has transformed the problem into an even more daunting challenge.

Immigration Court Backlog Tops 3 Million; Each Judge Assigned 4,500 Cases, TRAC, December 18, 2023

The solution to this problem is Remain-In-Mexico and Expedited Removal, but the Biden Regime is refusing to use this obvious solution, which informs us that they don’t want to solve the problem, but just want it out of the media.

There is little likelihood that anything will change, but impeaching Biden and Mayorkas could encourage change. But the real solution is with the House of Representatives exercising their Constitutional authority to close the border, abolish the EOIR, end and revoke the parole amnesty, mandate Remain-In-Mexico as well as mandate and expand Expedited Removal.