Mass Deportation Opinion Map Explains Rep Jared Golden’s (ME-2) Vote Stunt: Immigration Is Turning Maine Red.

Patrick Cleburne

Earlier (2013) The Fulford File | Regular Americans` Opinions On Deportation, In One WONDERFULLY “Xenophobic“ Chart

So far, I have not discovered who did this interesting poll map.

Generally speaking, it rings true, with the Left Coast being deplorable.

Peter Brimelow, of course, is delighted with West Virginia at 93%!

To me, Maine at 59% is plausible too, despite it being much higher than most of the rest of the Northeast.

After committing the atrocity I discussed in Why Did Speaker Johnson So Totally Betray His Party And Country? If It Walks Like A Bribe And Talks Like A Bribe...,Johnson allowed a vote on “a denunciation of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies.” This was purely cosmetic.

As Politico’sInside Congress Live reported on May 1:

Thirteen House Democrats joined with Republicans in backing a resolution denouncing the Biden administration’s immigration policies, which passed the chamber 223-191.

One of these was Jared Golden (ME-2). The next nearest Democrats voting for the measure were in North Carolina and Illinois. Golden also voted for a real immigration restraint measure in April, one of only 5 Democrats to do so.

Maine’s District 2 is essentially all of Maine except Portland and a small strip of the coast to south. President Trump carried the district in 2016, the first Republican to do so since 1988. He also won in 2020.

In 2018, Jared Golden won the 2nd District in highly suspicious circumstances. Then GOP Governor Paul Lepage wrote “Stolen Election” on his certification. Personally, this was the first time I heard of “Ballot Harvesting.”

Maine Democrats appear, like the national party, to have swung far to the left.

The Secretary of State tried to keep President Trump off the 2024 ballot.

Congressman Golden has a NumbersUSA rating of F as does the other Maine Congresscritter.

However, it seems they do not feel confident that they can fool their pea
santry into following them.

They started “Electing A New People“ many years ago and have recently become very aggressive: Great Replacement Update / Maine: Governor Signs Order To Continue Browning Mostly White State.

Judging by Jared Golden and this map, I may have been right to ask: Maine Democrats Accelerate State’s Browning. Afraid Of West Virginia Effect?

West Virginia was one of only 5 states (not including Maine) Reagan did not carry in 1980. In 2020 it voted 68.62% for Trump.

Maine Democrats are betraying their people. They deserve the fate of their West Virginia brethren.