McCarthy: Biden Plan to Give Cash to Central Americans Is an Insult to Millions of Jobless Americans

by JOHN BINDER 11 Apr 2021

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says a reported plan under consideration by President Joe Biden’s administration to give cash payments to Central Americans is an insult to millions of jobless Americans.

Last week, Reuters reported the Biden administration is considering a plan that would provide Central Americans in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador with American taxpayer-funded cash payments to prevent them from illegally immigrating to the United States.

The Biden administration’s border czar, Roberta Jacobson, who will step down at the end of the month, told Reuters the cash transfer program could be done by giving the payments to international and local NGOs who would then funnel the money to Central Americans.

McCarthy, in response, said such a plan is a betrayal to American citizens — millions of which remain out of work as a result of economic lockdowns imposed during the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

“We know the solutions needed to secure our border because the border was secure last year, and security was increasing with every mile of border wall,” McCarthy said in a statement:

After reversing policies that worked, President Biden wants to try and buy our way out of this crisis with taxpayer money. The Administration is already spending $60 million a week dealing with the crisis they created at the border, but now it is reported they want to dole out even more taxpayer funds to launch a cash transfer program in Central America. It’s insulting to the millions of Americans who are out of work or facing despair in our country. [Emphasis added]

Kevin McCarthy

President Biden wants to try and buy our way out of his border crisis with taxpayer money. The Administration is spending $60 million a week, and now wants to launch a cash transfer program in Central America. This insults millions of Americans who are out of work in our country.

Jon Levine

NEW: WH considers cash payments to Central Americans to stem migration…

8:15 PM · Apr 9, 2021

“The United States is on track to encounter more than two million illegal immigrants by the end of September, an all-time record,” McCarthy continued. “Last month alone there were 172,000 migrants who attempted to enter our country, a two-decade high. We are only three months into this new Administration, and they are failing to stop one of the most consequential crises in a decade. The solution is at the ready, and it absolutely does not include more U.S. taxpayer-funded payments to Central America.”

Since Biden has taken office, and reversed a series of border controls, illegal immigration has skyrocketed to decade-highs.

In March, federal immigration officials apprehended nearly 170,000 border crossers at the U.S.-Mexico border — the highest monthly level of illegal immigration since March 2001. Tens of thousands of these border crossers are being released into the U.S. interior thanks to the Biden administration’s restarting of the Catch and Release program.

Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Mark Morgan said the Biden administration, as of March 30, had released more than 45,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior. Likewise, state officials have said Biden’s sanctuary country orders are resulting in the release of criminal illegal aliens into American communities.