National Review Online
April 15, 2013
By Robert Costa

McCarthy: House Will Follow ‘Regular Order’ on Immigration Reform

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), the majority whip, tells National Review Online that the House will follow “regular order” on immigration reform, regardless of public pressure or a push by the Senate to quickly consider the Gang of Eight’s legislation.

“We believe in regular order,” McCarthy says. “I don’t want people to get into the mindset that if the Senate passes something, somehow that comes to the [House] floor, just like that. Regular order means we pass something, the Senate passes something, and then we go to conference.”

McCarthy’s position could lead to a delay before the Senate’s plan is taken up in the lower chamber. Under regular order, relevant committees process a bill, and then the House may vote.
McCarthy’s commitment to regular order also gives some clarity to the leadership’s position on how the Gang’s bill may be handled. Last week, Speaker John Boehner told reporters that “there have been no decisions” on how exactly the House will proceed.