Mexican soldier assaults a migrant.


City Ixtepec, Oax/La Jornada.- "despite the accusations carried out, ministerial police officers continue assaulting migrants in Oaxaca", denounced the priest Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, coordinator of the southeastern zone of the Pastoral Dimension of the Human Mobility, that depends on the Mexican Episcopate.

Solalinde Guerra reported that members of the Pastorale and of the Episcopate responded last Friday to the office of the secretary of Government, in the Federal District, to deliver the head of the dependence, Juan Camilo Mouriño, a report of the situation of the migrants in the zone and the remainder of the country.

It said that they were received by Ana Teresa Aranda Orozco, undersecretary of Population, Migration and Religious Matters, who received the report in which it detailed that in 2007 14 abductions of groups of undocumeted were reported, and that in this year they already add seven.

The most alarming figure is that during 2007, 113 mutilations of migrants occurred in the railroad in all the country.

The most recent case is that of elements of the Armada of Mexico and of the National Institute of Migration who on Monday intercepted a train in the spot Las Palmas, municipality of Niltepec, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and besides attacking with sticks various migrants, they abused sexually of at least one woman.

"Do not rape me", the girl told the Soldier, later, only the crying of the woman was heard, they freed her, and on the road I asked if they had raped her and she only moved her head and cried again", related the Salvadorian Rolando Antonio, who was hidding in the hill and listened to what happened in an abandoned construction site, where he guided the authorities who found women's clothing and underware stained with blood, items that were taken by representatives of human rights which are investigating the facts that occurred in the spot Las Palmas" he said.

A day later, in the highway that goes to the municipality of Union Hidalgo to Juchitán, ministerial police agents in this last locality forced down a bus 16 central american migrants whos money was taken by the police.

Personnel of the Pastorale of the Human Mobility documented the fact and provided the photographs of the moment where two of the police agents rob the migrants.

The priest Alejandro Solalinde Guerra explains that upon responding to the accusation the agency of District Attourney in Juchitán, the undocumented identified to two of the agents that had assaulted them the previous day.

The accusation continues, but the abuses do not stop, on Friday, in the same place where the agents assaulted the migrants, unknown people shot the train since it was going to fast to board.

Four migranst were injured by pellets of the shotgun, "but none wanted to respond of denounce it out of fear".