by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ 4 Jan 20159

MCALLEN, Texas – The Mexican military seized an armored vehicle loaded with a grenade launcher and several other drug cartel weapons and ammunition just south of the Texas border.

The seizure took place when a convoy of Mexican soldiers was carrying out routine patrols in the Mexican city of Miguel Aleman when they spotted an SUV with makeshift armor plating that tried to drive away, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government revealed. The town of Miguel Aleman is just south of Roma Texas and is an area that has been used for drug trafficking for decades.

The gunmen were not able to get too far since the driver lost control and crashed into a light pole. Three men got out of the armored vehicle and ran away leaving behind a weapons cache that the military personnel seized.

The weapons inside the truck included a grenade launcher, three grenades, six assault rifles, 101 loaded ammunition magazines and more than 1400 ammunition rounds. Miguel Aleman has been the scene of regular intense shootouts between cartel members since 2010 when the Gulf Cartel imploded amid various warring factions of the criminal enterprise. The first schism was between the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas and the second split ended up with various commanders within the Gulf Cartel taking sides in a power grab.