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    Mexican Chickens and Roosters denied entry

    C.B.P. News Release

    CBP Officers Discovered More than 50 Live Chickens, Roosters at Gateway International Bridge
    (Tuesday, June 23, 2009)

    Brownsville, Texas - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Gateway International Bridge on Monday seized more than 50 live chickens in a northbound trailer proceeding from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

    On Monday, June 22, in the early morning hours at gateway International Bridge, CBP officers came in contact with pickup pulling a trailer. The driver declared live chickens at primary and was referred to secondary for further inspection. In secondary CBP agriculture specialists discovered that the truck and trailer were packed with well over 50 live birds being transported from Mexico to the U.S. The live chickens and roosters were seized and turned over to USDA Veterinary Services.

    More than 50 chickens were seized at the Brownsville, Texas port of entry.

    The driver declared the live birds and was not issued a penalty for the importation.

    “CBP agriculture specialists, CBP officers and USDA Veterinary Services worked together in this interception. Proper import certification is required to import live poultry and our agriculture specialists enforce these agriculture laws in order to prevent possible animal-borne diseases from entering the U.S. Agriculture specialists seize prohibited items on a daily basis. Failure to declare prohibited items can result in civil penalties,

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    Don't we have enough chickens and roosters in this country that they now need to be imported?
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    It seems officials are more concerned about rooster, chickens and other animals than they are about human beings entering unchecked that might be carrying horrible diseases and viruses.
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    Sounds like someone relocating their cockfighting opperation.

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