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Thread: Mexican company offers to build Donald Trump’s border wall

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    Mexican company offers to build Donald Trump’s border wall

    By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

    Not only is Mexico going to pay for a “big, beautiful” border wall (says Donald Trump), but a Mexican company already is offering to help build it.

    According to a report by Reuters news agency, one of Mexico’s biggest construction firms has said it would provide cement and construction services for what would be one of the biggest public-works projects in decades.

    The Chihuahua Cement Group (GCC in Spanish) is based in the Mexican border state of that name but does 70 percent of its business in the U.S. and has three factories north of the Rio Grande.

    “We can’t be choosy,” company CEO Enrique Escalante told Reuters. “We’re an important producer in that area and we have to respect our clients on both sides of the border.”

    Mr. Trump’s call for a wall to curb immigration along the U.S. southern border is widely viewed with contempt in Mexico, especially because of some of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric selling the wall.

    But Mr. Escalante sees opportunities for GCC, and not only with the wall. He told Reuters that Mr. Trump’s plans for massive infrastructure and energy spending will be good business for his firm.

    “For the business we’re in, Trump is a candidate that does favor the industry quite a bit,” he said.

    Indeed, Reuters reported, GCC shares are at their highest since the Great Recession struck in 2008.
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    I like the man's attitude!! Good for him!! But I would be a little leery about a Mexican company building the wall.

    But I truly appreciate his support and comments!! I think our relationship with Mexico truly is going to improve. Their companies like this one are applauding the wall and the Mexican government is preparing for the deportations and Mexico understands we have to fix or withdraw from NAFTA. ALL GOOD STUFF!!!



    It's such a shame some of the DemoQuacks don't get it. They are missing out on one the greatest moments in our history, Americans taking our country back. What will they tell their children? Well all they can say is they voted against this great man who wanted to fix our country, I voted against my fellow Americans trying to save our nation.

    I called them names, I lied about them, I protested and waved ugly signs, I burned the flag of the United States, I rioted and damaged property, I attacked and hit and kicked and beat a homeless woman protecting Trump's star in Hollywood, I yelled at the woman, I took her picture, no I didn't help her I watched and laughed and made fun of her, I protested in Chicago resulting in the cancellation of Trump's big Rally disappointing 30,000 Trump Supporters who were attending the Rally, I jumped up on the stage at a Trump Rally and tried to attack Trump, I drew ugly cartoons of Trump, I called his Trump Supporters deplorable, irredeemable, racists and bigots even though I knew they weren't, I used my job for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, the Washington Post, New York Daily News, People Magazine, Vanity Fair, National Review, New Yorker, etc., etc., etc. to tell lies about Donald Trump, to embarrass him, to shame him, to try to force him to quit and reported polls I knew were false to try to discourage Americans from voting for him to influence the outcome of the election.

    I used my job as a member of Congress to try to change the Constitution to defeat him, I used my notoriety as a former Governor and failed Presidential Candidate to slander and libel Trump, I used my appointment as a Federal Judge in California to exploit a lawsuit to try to defeat him, I used my position as an Attorney General in New York State to exploit a lawsuit to try to defeat him, I used my position as First Lady to try to defeat him, I used my position as President of the United States to try to defeat him, I used my position as a former First Lady, a former US Senator and a former Secretary of State to lie about him, to demean him, to attack him, to line up women to tell lies about him to try to defeat him."

    And the children will ask, "why did you feel you had to tell so many lies and play so many awful games and dirty tricks to try to defeat Donald Trump, mamma and daddy"? And they reply, "well, because children, if the people knew the truth about Donald Trump, he'd win every state in the country by 20 points, so we had to lie and cheat and play dirty tricks, we had no choice as crooked politicians."

    THAT is your LEGACY.
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    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    I would not use their concrete...first rain fall it would probably crumble. Use AMERICAN concrete and AMERICAN workers.
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