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    Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS

    Pictures of the Mexican Flag Raised over the American flag in distress at

    Tucson Region
    Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS
    By Blake Herzog

    East Valley Tribune
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 03.31.2006

    Tensions over immigration reform heightened in the Phoenix area's East Valley Thursday when students raised a Mexican flag over Apache Junction High School — and then other students yanked it down and burned it.

    "I know (they) shouldn't have burned the Mexican flag," said Jacob Stewart, a 16-year-old sophomore. "I heard it was raised above the American flag and that just irked me."

    He said the turbulence was tied to debates going on in the state Legislature and Congress, where ideas ranging from offering illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship to making them felons are being floated.

    Freshman Chelsea Garcia, 15, and junior Brittany Ramage, 16, said the unrest had more to do with long-running racial tensions at the school.

    The week's events might have sparked some anger, Ramage said, "but kids aren't too deep about that stuff."

    The Hispanic student who brought the Mexican flag said he was responding to a remark directed at him Wednesday. The flag-raising, flag-burning, and shoving match that followed happened before most students arrived at school.

    Six students — three Hispanic and three white — will be disciplined, Principal Chad Wilson said.

    Officials with the Apache Junction Unified School District would not specify what punishment the six face.

    Wilson did say in a letter sent home to parents that there would be "increased supervision, including additional police officers, on the campus over the next couple of days."

    School flagpoles have been lightning rods across the country this week, including an incident in which a Houston high-school principal was disciplined after he flew a Mexican flag underneath his campus' U.S. and state flags.

    A new political awareness among students has also been grabbing attention, as thousands have walked out on classes to join rallies in Phoenix and elsewhere. More than 100 students from Mesa's Carson Junior High and Westwood High schools marched in protest on Mesa streets Tuesday.
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    To the students who burnt that vile buzzard rag, I say WAY TO GO! If the illegal scum feel the need to burn our flag then turnabout is fair play.
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    Hey the only thing better than burning the Mexican flag that was just raised over AMERICAN soil would be to help put it out by Pissing on it. Roll it up in Dog sh** and to mail it back to FOX himself. Aww hell that would just give him his afternoon snack. :P
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    added to the homepage with a link to the flag photos
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    Remember ... and be Prepared

    It is great to see our students have a backbone and stand up to this I just wish we had politicians that also did. I fear though that we face another war with Mexico and am prepared for it, I pray that everyone else is also. For those from Mexico that might be reading this, WE WILL WIN AGAIN!

    March 1836

    From a letter written by Sam Houston:


    On my arrival here [Gonzales] this afternoon [March 11, 1836], the following intelligence was received through a Mexican, supposed to be friendly, though his account has been contradicted in some parts by another, who arrived with him. It is therefore only given to you a rumor, though I fear a melancholy portion of it will be found true.

    Anselmo Borgara states that he left the Alamo on Sunday, the 6th inst.;…that the Alamo was attacked on Sunday morning at the dawn of day, by about two thousand three hundred men, and carried a short time before sunrise, with a loss of five hundred and twenty-one Mexicans killed, and as many wounded. Colonel Travis had only one hundred and fifty effective men out of his entire force of one hundred and eighty-seven. After the fort was carried, seven men surrendered, and called for Santa Anna and quarter. They were murdered by his order…

    The bodies of the Americans were laid together and set on fire… I have little doubt but the Alamo has fallen…

    I am sir, &c., SAM HOUSTON

    April 21, 1836: With shouts of "Remember the Alamo!," Sam Houston led his army into the Battle of San Jacinto, defeating Santa Anna and avenging the dead of the Alamo in less than 30 minutes.

    We did it once. We can do it again

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    Actually the number of Mexicans was much much higher. I think Santa Anna crossed the Rio Grande with 6,000 men and arrived in San Antonio with about 5,000 due to disease, desertion, casaulties (due to Indians and angry Texans ambushing them), and detachments. A further 700 men arrived the day before the assault. It just makes what Crockett, Travis, etc did even more impressive

    The Texan defenders numbered anywhere from 189 to 250.

    I am a firm believer that had Col. Fannin and his 400 men made it to the Alamo that it would have been a crushing defeat for the Mexicans.

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