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    Are Mexican illegals seeking to immigrate or invade the US?

    by Kristi

    Illegal aliens are invading the United Stated. To invade a country, by any definition, means to enter with hostile intent or to encroach upon. Many will cry that this country was built by immigrants. They compare the invasion of today with the German, Japanese and Irish immigrants who left persecution and famine in the past. They are confused.

    This country was not built by immigrants. Not even close. The immigrants of yesterday all came with the full knowledge and complete understanding that they must integrate into the American culture. They embraced the opportunities that were given to them and expounded upon them. They were required to learn the English language and they did so willingly. They understood that if you do not work, you do not eat.

    Today we have millions and millions of illegal aliens in America who believe that we should bear them gifts. They abuse the welfare system and make up a large part of the drunk driving accidents that happen every day. All without car insurance to cover the victims and their families. They come with no education and expect the United States tax payers to help them out. This is, of course, because they don't want to help reform their own countries. It is too much like work, I suppose?

    Many don't realize that in 2004 L.A. county spent 1.4 billion dollars to reprint ballots in Spanish and English. That's American tax money. Most polls show that by 2025 the predominant language in the U.S. will be Spanish. Even though over 95% of all legal citizens speak English as their first language.

    The abuse to the Social Security system will never recover from the pounding it has taken from the invading Mexicans. They have not paid one dime into the SS system and yet they feel as though they are entitled to it. In their minds we stole this land and they are just getting their just desserts.

    The other side of this debate is that these invaders are just coming to immigrate. Immigrates very definition stands opposed to this. To come into a country as a settler means that you want to become a part of that culture. It means that you want to assimilate into the predominant culture already existing. No one with eyes can say that is what is happening today.

    We have a good, solid immigration policy. It is there for a reason. Anyone not willing to abide by that policy should be deported posthaste. If they choose to continue to ignore that policy, they should be dealt with, in whatever way necessary to insure this country's safety.

    Those on the other side of this debate will feel differently when your doctor, lawyer,dentist and loan officer do not speak their language and they are not required too. You will feel differently when you have no Social Security to depend upon. Americans must take a stand before there is nothing left to stand for.

    One final little point. Recently, a high school in California, that is entirely Mexican and Spanish speaking, hung the Mexican flag above the American flag. They didn't just leave it there. They hung the American flag upside down. This symbolizes defeat. No one did a thing! They smack the very hand that feeds them. By the way, over 80% of those kids parents are here illegally. It is invasion, period.


    by Gary Sacco

    I wonder if "invade" is the right word to represent the other side of this argument. Are the millions coming across an underground army, gradually ramping up to wage an armed struggle vs. the United States Government to recapture the Southwestern United States? Of course, this isn't so. Pat Buchanan and the right wing xenophobes are over reacting. In "The Death of the West" and other Buchanan anti immigrant manifestos, a doomsday scenario is painted as Mexican and other 3rd world Spanish speaking immigrants overrun the United States, pushing the White American into a second class fiefdom. The millions of illegals who sneak across are far more apolitical than that. They risk their lives coming, again and again, even after several captures and deportations, for the American wage and probably health care. These workers are largely looking to make enough money to provide a better way of life for their families.

    Yes, the act of sneaking across the southern border is illegal. Yet, these workers are painted as criminals. Obviously, most are not. They toil here for pitiful wages, Americans would never tolerate, to pick our lettuce and pack our chicken breasts and meats. Many of the farm workers live in squalid conditions. Corporations, for their part, are rarely blamed and seldom prosecuted for their hiring practices which are obviously against the law.

    Though they've been unjustly savaged in the media, particularly by right wing leaning organs, illegals filtering in and the general condition of our southern border do present concerns. The strain on the American health care system, from treating them, has been tremendously expensive. Care to which many Americans reasonably feel that they are not entitled to. The biggest issue, though, is the possibility of Al Qaeda infiltrating the country courtesy of our porous southern border. Those are the invaders we really do need to worry about! ... -immigrate
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    " They toil here for pitiful wages, Americans would never tolerate, to pick our lettuce and pack our chicken breasts and meats. Many of the farm workers live in squalid conditions.'

    First, Americans used to work in packing houses for a decent wage until the illegals started showing up.

    In addition, there are some 12-20 million ( nobody knows how many) illegals in this country and only a small percentage of those are employed as agricultural workers. Do not justify the illegal actions of some 20 miilion illegal invaders under the guise of picking lettuce.

    We already have an agricultural guest worker program in place. If that program needs to be modified to meet the demand, then so be it. That can be done. I would suggest that we begin to bring in workers from countries who are far poorer than Mexico. Countries in which the workers would actually be grateful and be willing to leave at the end of six months as opposed to dropping anchor and living off the American Tax Payer indefinetly.

    Just because we share a border with Mexico does not obligate us to use their labor.
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