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    Mexican labs set to pour meth into Ariz.

    By Michael Marizco
    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.04.2005

    It's like hell vomited and the Bush administration appeared.

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    But wait....I thought they were just "looking for a better life".

    Gag! Get the Puke Bucket.

    NOW HEAR THIS ILLEGALS!! We don't need you, we don't need your work, we don't need your labor, and therefore we do not want you entering the United States. WE are NOT a welcoming society. Never have been. Whoever told you that....LIED TO YOU. So don't come here and if you are here already, go home and stay there.

    Americans did not build the statute of liberty. The French did and gave it to us and so we plunked it in New York Harbor between the sea and Ellis Island. Even then, people were checked, often rejected and sent back. Even then, for those who stayed, they were not welcomed which is why they moved on to other unsettled areas of the country.

    To believe that Americans are "welcoming" is complete stupidity. We are a very closed society. We lock our doors; do not know half our neighbors; we avoid eye contact on the streets; step over homeless people; and are in fact a hard nosed bunch of folks. We are free enterprise, what is mine is mine, and you go fend for yourself. YOUR COUNTRY.

    This is who we really are. We are not nice people. We are capitalists. We execute murderers. We invade countries. We are imperialists. We have huge poverty. We have enormous discrimination. Most of our corporate executives are criminals and need to go to jail. Our government is corrupt, yes, trillions of dollars ciphoned off to feed the elitists while starving the poor. You will arrive poor and stay poor. There is no future or fun here for you. You will not even have heating oil this winter unless you can buy it from Chavez at the 40% discount.

    Some of our "religious" organizations suggest assassinations of foreign leaders. Yes, and if you drive drunk and kill someone, you will get felony murder and be put to death. And we have lots of criminals who will hold you up and steal your cash when you walk out of the Cash Advance. They might steal your car, too, with your baby in it. And it is unlikely that anyone will give you a ride, except the police and they ask for papers, then you will be fined and deported.'s rough here in the United States...we are not a nice place, we are a dangerous, hard and most undesireable place for large families. And some of our priests bother children but they are never prosecuted. But if you want to bother our animals, you will be prosecuted and jailed with perverts and no woman will ever want you again.

    We are the Ugly Americans. We are Mean, Hard-Nosed, Unwelcoming and Dangerous. You will not like US.


    (Do you think that will scare them away?)

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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