Mexican Migration Project Director Calls for a North American Union
By Christopher S. ...
Published: 2007-01-30 21:41 North American Union & Security and Prosperity Partnership

According to Princeton University sociologist Douglas Massey, director of the Mexican Migration Project, the way for America to solve its immigration problem is for the U.S. and Canadian governments to pay for Mexico's infrastructure and "social projects" — leading to an eventual North American Union.

Follow this link to the source article: "Expertos califican política migratoria de EEUU de negativa y contraproducente"

At, a Spanish-language news publication, an article reported on activities that took place in none other than Washington, D.C. (The translations that follow are mine.) How many of you saw this one on the nightly news?

According to Luisa Fernanda Montero, who reported the story for, Douglas Massey, director for the Mexican Migration Project, stated that not only was the United States' immigration policy "negative and counterproductive," but also that Canada and the United States have a financial obligation to build up Mexico itself.

Massey commented that NAFTA was deficient because it focused solely on commercial relations for businesses, and left out the people factor. According to the report, Massey offered this nice sound bite: "You cannot integrate a market without involving people." Of course not. That is why Americans who cherish their nation's independence are opposed to "integrating" their economy under NAFTA, because ultimately it will lead to a political integration of Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

In Massey's view, the immigration policies of the United States have created all kinds of problems for the "migrants," causing their families to no longer be centered in two or three states, but to be scattered across 15. And now, Massey stated, because of supposed heightened border security, we've trapped all of these migrants inside the United States, who are fearful of returning home because they might not be able to come back.

So, since Americans collectively created this problem through our government, now "we" have to solve it. And what is the solution? Why, look to the European Union as a model.

As reported by Terra, Massey noted, "The U.S. and Canada should look for a real form of integration with Mexico which will allow it to grow in terms of social and infrastructure attention, and arrive at levels that will diminish the flow of migrants within an integration process similar to what has developed in Europe." In other words, Americans should solve their immigration woes by adopting the European Union as its model.

Finally, Massey proposed: "The U.S. and Canada must identify a source of money to offer Mexico certain subsidies during a ten-year period, to invest in infrastructure and social projects, so as to arrive at a minimal level for a new North American Union." ("EEUU y Canadá deben identificar una fuente de dinero para ofrecer a México ciertos subsidios durante un periodo de diez años, para invertir en infraestructura y proyectos sociales y llegar a un nivel mínimo para la nueva unión norteamericana.")

Even as elites from the three nations have met away from the media spotlight to plan out the next step of developing NAFTA, so-called "conservatives" insult, belittle, and accuse concerned Americans of peddling "conspiracies theories" about the North American Union.