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    Mexican nationals sentenced for smuggling weapons

    Mexican nationals sentenced for smuggling weapons

    Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 4:03 pm
    Associated Press

    Authorities in South Texas say four Mexican nationals with ties to a leading crime ring have been sentenced to prison for attempting to smuggle weapons into Mexico.

    Three of the men each received 10-year sentences Wednesday in federal court while a fourth man received a lesser term. They all pleaded guilty in March to a charge of possessing a destructive device.

    Authorities say one of the men was stopped last year and 40 mm grenades were found in his vehicle. A grenade launcher, four AK-47 assault rifles and more than 2,700 rounds of ammunition also were found. The four had entered the U.S. illegally, obtained the weapons and planned to smuggle them back to Mexico for use in fighting there.
    Prosecutors say the weapons were brought into the U.S. by the Zetas criminal organization, for whom the men were working, in order to avoid the Gulf Cartel.

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    How much money would we have saved....IF YOU LOCK AND LOAD THE DAM BORDER!!!

    but instead we get to work our butts off to pay for these illegals to eat sleep and cause hell behind bars...

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