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    MEXICAN PROTESTERS IN SOMBREROS Cheer Outside Canceled Trump Rally in Chicago

    Jim Hoft
    Mar 11th, 2016 7:19 pm

    Of course, there are hundreds of Bernie Sanders Socialists outside the rally.

    Progressives Today ‎@ProgsToday
    Need we say more? If you did this in mexico you'd be arrested. #Trump2016 #Chicago
    3:32 PM - 11 Mar 2016
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    Bratty college kids - Universities are not a good place for a rally.....

    Unfortunately, people need to be screened before entering a political rally. Attendees want to hear the speech, not protesters. Many were heard yelling "we did it" after the cancellation in Chicago.

    College kids with nothing better to do and power in their numbers & organization. Probably felt they were in their own protected space.

    Many in the crowd with Bernie signs should not have been let it, let alone the askew looking troublemakers....

    Students And Professors Are FREAKING OUT Because Trump Is Speaking On Their Chicago Campus

    Eric Owens

    A petition demanding that officials at the taxpayer-funded school cancel the Trump campaign event has accumulated nearly 50,000 signatures.

    Almost 10,000 Facebook users have pledged to show up to protest Trump’s Chicago rally.

    “Donald Trump is running on a platform of hate and dangerous intolerance,” the petition states. “It has no place in Chicago but especially not at an institution of higher learning.”

    The Facebook page publicizing the demonstration against Trump explains that the protest is “dedicated to gathering a large group of people regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, political affiliation, etc. to unite in solidarity” against Trump.

    The plan is to meet on a quad on University of Illinois at Chicago campus and then march over to the UIC Pavilion, a 9,500-seat multipurpose arena.
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