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    Mexican woman granted asylum based on domestic abuse claims ... case-sets/

    Mexican woman granted asylum based on domestic abuse claims; experts say case sets standard
    Published August 13, 2010
    | Associated Press

    SAN FRANCISCO – A Mexican woman who says she endured beatings and rapes for decades at the hands of her common-law husband has won the right to stay in the United States. Experts say the case makes clear that domestic violence is valid grounds for asylum.

    The Department of Homeland Security found that the victim, known only by the initials L.R., had shown the Mexican government was not willing to protect her.

    An immigration judge found in her favor on Aug. 4, and the decision was announced by her attorneys this week.

    Asylum claims based on domestic violence are controversial. Asylum has traditionally been given to individuals being persecuted by a government.

    The woman's attorney says this is the second asylum case granted on allegations of domestic violence.
    This makes me sick. The US doesn't even take care of victims of Domestic Violence in it's own country and now we're going to take care of DV victims from other countries? I just cannot believe that being abused by one's husband in another country is grounds for asylum.

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    So if their macho culture of wife beating is grounds for asylum then open the flood gates because they all do it.
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    Now that she gets asylum doesn't that mean she gets food stamps free housing and a monthly stripend ? Sign me up for a few savage beatings in return for the above

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    This is pure insanity sanctioned by DHS and Napolitano.

    Almost every country in the world has abused women (especially muslim countries/Africa).As TakingBackSoCal pointed out how are we to take of MILLIONS of other countries citizens when we don't even have enough resources to properly take care of our own victims ??

    This must be stopped before word gets around the world we now take every woman abused in their country.Don't you know half of Mexico and our other So. Neighbors will now be claiming abuse which is probably true but escaping to the USA is not the answer.We CANNOT take care of the whole world !!!!!!!!!!
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    Reminds me of the villain in the first "Dirty Harry" movie paying for a beat down. What happened to the "Abuser"? If he wasn't jailed then deported with no possibility of returning this is DOUBLY WRONG!

    I can see it now..."Honey I'm not beating you, I'm giving you a path to citizenship."
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