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    Mexico Officials Accused Of Abusing Illegal Immigrants

    Mexico Officials Accused Of Abusing Illegal Immigrants

    ATLANTA -- Georgia legislators have called for a tough new illegal immigration law similar to Arizona. Critics of the Arizona law claim the law would lead to mistreatment of illegal aliens. A Channel 2 Action News Investigation found Mexican officials routinely abuse illegal immigrants they catch trying to reach the U.S from Central America.

    The U.S Border Patrol treats suspected illegal immigrants extremely well. They provide emergency beacons in the desert to people in need of medical aid. They even have a special rescue unit called Borstar that responds as soon as the beacons are set off.

    Border Patrol officials told Channel 2 Action News that while in custody illegals are well cared for. They are provided a wide range of services, including health care and legal services.

    "There are widespread abuses going on in Mexico," said Jared Fluer of Amnesty International in Atlanta. He told Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer that illegal immigrants traveling through Mexico are often victims of robbery, rape, kidnapping, torture, beatings and murder.

    According to a New York Times article, 72 immigrants were recently gunned down passing through Mexico because they refused to work for the drug cartels.

    Mexican gangs also target women. "Estimates are that six out of 10 women who attempt to migrate through Mexico from Central America are sexually abused," said Fluer.

    In one six-month period, nearly 10,000 illegals were kidnapped and held for ransom by Mexican gangs.

    According to human rights groups in Mexico, the police and military are often involved in the abuse of illegal immigrants.

    "I remember the federales took all my money, $1000 and they kicked me out," said Edgar Montoya, a Guatemalan immigrant. Montoya was one of several Guatemalan immigrants who sat down to talk with Farmer. All said that they were robbed by Mexican gangs or police.

    "They're willing to kill you if you don't give them money," said Montoya.

    Few Americans are aware of the abuses, including some members of Congress.

    "I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona," Mexican President Felipe Calderon told Congress. Calderon received a standing ovation when he addressed Congress and criticized Arizona's immigration law as unfair to illegal immigrants.

    Arizona U.S Rep Gabrielle Giffords told Farmer that she thinks that is hypocritical given Mexico's record of human rights abuses against immigrants moving through their country.

    "President Calderon had no right to criticize the state of Arizona when he was on the floor of Congress," said Giffords.

    "Mexico has an obligation to treat migrants respectfully; to make sure they are protected and make sure relatives are informed when violence is committed or someone is killed and they are not doing any of that," said Fluer.

    Finally, Mexico wastes no time deporting illegal immigrants. Last year, Mexican authorities immediately sent home more than 60,000 people caught crossing their border.

    "It is a crime in Mexico and they are not bashful about enforcing their laws, but they get angry when we do," said Mike Cutler, a former Immigration and Naturalization Service agent.

    State Republican leaders are drafting an Arizona-style immigration law to introduce during January session.

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    "President Calderon had no right to criticize the state of Arizona when he was on the floor of Congress," said Giffords.
    How about being a little bolder, Giffords? How about coming out and slamming all those jackasses in Congress who gave him a standing ovation! My blood still boils when forced to see that picture again.

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    you are 100 % right I was so Angry
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