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    Michael Savage Illegal Immigration. SF attacks Savage

    Top attorney backs Savage against San Fran official
    Government slams radio talk-show host for his stand against illegal immigration

    Posted: August 12, 2007
    6:17 p.m. Eastern

    © 2007

    Attorney Daniel Horowitz

    One of the nation's top civil rights attorneys has offered his assistance in suing a San Francisco city supervisor who attacked nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage for his tough stance against illegal immigration.

    Daniel A. Horowitz of Oakland, Calif., wrote to Savage after Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution condemning the radio talker urging him to sue the official, whom he compared to Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Hugo Chavez in the way he attempted to silence political speech by rallying the mob.

    "You have a strong federal civil rights action that you can file against Supervisor Sandoval and the city of San Francisco," he advised. "You have a constitutional right to state your political opinions and no city official has the right to lie about what you said or to call for a mob to come to your door to threaten you and to try to have you fired."

    Horowitz said the Civil Rights Act of 1871, designed to tame the terror of the Ku Klux Klan, can be used as the basis for a federal civil rights action against the official and the city.
    You are protected by this civil rights act because you are the victim of the same type of mob terror that (the) Klan used to inflict," wrote Horowitz. "This terror is being organized against you simply because people do not like what you say. Translated into legal language, you are being attacked by a type of terrorist because you have exercised your First Amendment rights."

    Horowitz wrote: "The Klansman in your case is wearing a suit and not a white robe. He is doing his dirty work under the hood of his elected position instead of under the coward's hood of the Klan."

    The call for action against Savage came at the same time city supervisors were considering using taxpayer dollars to pay for immigrants' green cards and citizenship.

    San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval

    Sandoval's resolution condemns Savage for "defamatory language ... against immigrants." The resolution was in response to Savage's July 5 broadcast, when the talker commented on a group of students who had announced they were fasting in support of changes in immigration policy.

    "I would say, let them fast until they starve to death," quipped Savage, "then that solves the problem."

    Sandoval's resolution calls Savage's comments "symbolic of hatred and racism."

    "I really for the life of me cannot understand why there is not more media outrage to what Michael Savage said," Sandoval said. He plans to hold a press conference on the steps of City Hall Tuesday just before the entire Board of Supervisors votes on his resolution against Savage.

    "The intolerant and racist comments of Michael Savage demand a strong condemnation," Sandoval insisted.

    In response, Horowitz wrote: "This Sandoval fellow accused you of using 'defamatory language ... against immigrants.' Of course, this statement by Sandoval is slander. I have listened to your show. You are very complimentary of immigrants. In fact, you frequently mention that your parents were immigrants. The slander by Sandoval arises because he claims that your opposition to illegal entry into this country is somehow a stand against Hispanics. That is like saying that every Border Patrol agent and every Congress person is anti-immigrant because they don't condone illegal border crossing."

    "I will back you, Michael, and file this lawsuit if you wish," concluded Horowitz.

    The San Francisco government's proposed resolution condemning Savage is just the latest in a major, multifaceted – and largely unreported – effort both in and out of government to transform American talk radio. The entire campaign, complete with details of battles against Rush Limbaugh, Savage and other top talkers, is revealed in-depth in the current edition of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled THE WAR ON TALK RADIO."
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    Wow, I wonder if he would back us in suing the US government for treason or maybe a group of Americans who have lost love ones as a result of the borders being open for 5.5 years.
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    Horowitz has never been a prosecutor. His entire 24 year career has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of those crushed and abused by the system.

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    If you aren't already a Michael Savage listener, there's no better way to support him, or to tick off his cultural Marxist detractors, than to make his ratings grow:

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