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    Michele Bachmann: Tax illegals ‘100 percent’ on money they send abroad

    By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    Rep. Michele Bachmann has suggested the federal government levy a 100 percent tax on money illegal immigrants send back to their home countries as a way of remedying the border crisis.

    In addition to building a secure, well-lit, fully staffed border fence, the Minnesota Republican said there should be “a 100 percent tax on remittances, the money that illegal aliens send back to these countries.”

    “Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, those countries are laughing at us because they’re making money with their corrupt governments in conjunction with these international criminal cartels, they’re all making money and kickbacks,” Mrs. Bachmann said last week during a conference call with members of NumbersUSA, an anti-immigration group, Mediaite reported.

    “If we have a 100 percent tax on these remittances… we would have a phone call in five minutes from the presidents of these countries saying, ‘What can we do? We want to keep this money flowing into our economy,’” she said.

    “What we have to recognize is this truly is a war against the American people, and if we don’t act like it and take this border seriously, we’re going to have even more criminal gangs,” she concluded.

    The congresswoman made similar comments in an interview with CNS News last week.

    “The United States is furthering this international criminal cartel enterprise. We are furthering it because we are offering the gold at the end of the rainbow and we are stopping no one from coming in,” she said.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    I do not see how she would implement that? I think most of it now goes cash card, can you see Wal-Mart confiscating the payment as a tax? What am I missing?

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    Read this. Oklahoma already taxes International remittances.

    U.S. Could Raise $1-2 Billion a Year from Illegals by Copying Oklahoma

    Category: ImmigrationPublished on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 12:39Written by David NorthThe United States could collect $1-2 billion a year in revenues from illegal aliens if it just copied a tax practice Oklahoma adopted a couple of years ago.
    Two quite different data sources suggest that this can be done: the World Bank and the Oklahoma tax authorities.

    How do you extract tax dollars from illegals busily violating at least the immigration, labor, and tax laws of the country? Well, you can't tax them all, but what Oklahoma does is place a 1 percent withholding tax on all moneys transferred by wire, or through banks, to people in other nations and other states. (This applies to transfers made by individuals, not corporations.)

    This taps into the $100 billion a year-plus flow of remittances out of the nation, most dispatched by illegal aliens. If someone wants to send grandma some money in Mexico City, for instance, by far the best way, if not the only way, is to entrust it to Western Union or a bank. Putting cash in the mail to her or trusting someone traveling to that location to carry the dough for you is possible, but risky and awkward.

    Oklahoma's legislature knows this, and imposed the 1 percent tax despite the squeals of the wire transfer companies and banks, as we reported earlier. A recent report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission indicates that it is working like a charm.Note that I used the word "withholding". Anyone wiring money outside the state gets a full credit for the 1 percent fee against his or her income tax. So the fee does not cost anyone a dime if they are paying state income taxes. The bite only applies to people who are not paying those taxes, which should be a strong selling point for the legislation.
    Now it would be too much to expect that the highly cosmopolitan (and distinctly pro-Third World) World Bank in Washington and the tax folks on the plains of Oklahoma would join forces on this matter. They did not, but each system has recently produced data that support our conclusions. Here is what they reported:
    Oklahoma's Tax Commission. In its FY 2013 annual report (p. 11), it indicates that the state collected $9,764,828 from this source, up about a million from the year before. (The amount of net revenue is unknown but necessarily smaller, since some legal residents will have applied the fee to their state tax bills.) To project a national total from this one-state total, let's assume that the distribution of illegal aliens by state (which is not known) is about that of the distribution of foreign-born by state (which is known). Oklahoma has about 0.5 percent of the nation's foreign-born, so the multiple to be applied would be about 200.
    Since 200 times $9.7 million equals $1.94 billion, we can start our national estimate with that figure. Oklahoma, however, lays this tax provision on everyone shipping money out of the state, not just out of the nation as I would propose, so I would assume that the Oklahoma fees, when just applied to out-of-U.S. payments, would be something like $7.5 million a year, reducing the national projection to about $1.5 billion.
    The World Bank. The bank uses its access to data on global money transfers and its large, high-powered, polyglot staff to regularly count and estimate international flows of personal remittances, usually from people working in rich countries to their relatives in poor ones. The staff is enthusiastic about these transfers, as they tend to soften the sharp divide between wealthy nations and developing ones, so the bank spends a lot of research funds in this area, as you can see from this Pew report.
    The bottom line for the United States, which ships more remittances abroad than any other nation on Earth, is that these total $123 billion a year. These are personal transmissions from individuals here to persons elsewhere in the world and (as the World Bank does not discuss) this includes sizeable amounts of income untaxed in the place of origin. I suspect most of these remittances are from illegal aliens, but some part of the flow can be attributed to legal residents as well.
    And 1 percent of $123 billion is $1.23 billion, a sum close to the $1.5 billion suggested above.
    The legislative problem, of course, is both the mas-migration lobby, including the White House, and the banks and the wire transfer services. Perhaps the latter's opposition could be tempered if the middlemen were given a perfectly legitimate fee for their collection services, as some states pay retailers a bit for passing on the sales tax.
    Needless to say, the Treasury can use every billion that can be scrapped up from new tax sources, and in this case virtually of the money will be raised from people who are not voters!
    Click HERE to read more

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    Thanks, Newmexican! I figured if it worked World Bank would have to be part of. Did not know about the OK law. Surprised that World Bank or WU did not take this to court. SCOTUS has ruled that money is an expression of free speech, that would make money transfers to loved ones an expression of love?

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    You are welcome kevinssdad.

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