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    Michigan Rally to Stop Amnesty and Save American Jobs

    Come join concerned citizens from around the state to STOP the amnesty push and to SUPPORT Michigan Rep. Dave Agema’s E-verify immigration bills, HB 4969 and HB 4355, and Rep. Kim Meltzer’s new ‘Arizona’ immigration house bill.
    May 10, 2010

    Right now Michigan’s House of Representatives are sitting on six bills that would stop illegals from taking jobs, stealing our identities, or getting free college grants. These bills have already passed committee, but House Speaker Dillon won’t allow a vote.

    So far, our elected officials have only heard from supporters of amnesty groups who have been protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. Come join us to let our officials know we DO NOT support amnesty and want them to pass these Michigan house bills to protect us and Michigan jobs.

    When: Tuesday, May 18, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. (immediately before representatives go into session)

    Where: East steps of the State Capitol building in Lansing

    Speakers: State Reps Dave Agema, Kim Meltzer and Eileen kowall. Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad, FAIR’s state advisor, Tamyra Murray, and others will join tea parties and unions from around the state, including supporters of the American Federation for Immigration Reform, and Numbers USA to stand up and take back our county from the crooked politicians.

    For more information, please contact:

    Jim Runestad at 248-779-7085 or
    Tamyra Murray at 989-882-3957

    For more information, contact Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad at 248-802-5500.

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    Go, Michigan - Best of Luck for a great turnout! And welcome to Alipac, Michigander.
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    Posted: 1:14 p.m. May 18, 2010
    Protesters support Michigan immigration bill

    About 100 people are rallying at the Capitol to support a Michigan bill that would let police request proof of citizenship from people they stop and question on another offense.

    Republican state Rep. Kim Meltzer of Macomb's Clinton Township began drafting the measure after Arizona passed a new law last month that lets local police question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.

    Opponents of the Michigan measure handed out information packets at today's rally saying anti-immigrant legislation kills jobs.

    Many in the audience held the opposite view. Retired nurse Cynthia Fortner of Davison participated in the rally and says she worries that illegal immigrants are taking Michigan jobs. ... migration-
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    Good Luck and all the best, Michigan!
    Way to go, Michigan!

    <div>Stop the Anchor Baby project illegals used to freeload taxpaying American Citizens! </div>

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    Capitol rallies focus on immigration in Michigan
    By Ashley Brown (Last updated: 2 hours ago)

    Opponents and proponents of a potential Michigan bill that would aim to identify and penalize illegal immigrants in the state rallied at the Capitol on Tuesday.

    About 100 people rallied in support of an immigration bill currently being drafted that would require all undocumented immigrants to carry immigration documents with them at all times.

    Heather Lombardini, spokeswoman for state Rep. Kim Meltzer, R-Clinton Township, who spoke at the rally and will be the legislation’s primary sponsor, said the legislation is necessary to protect Michigan’s borders.

    The legislation would be similar to an immigration law recently passed in Arizona aimed at identifying and deporting illegal immigrants in that state.

    Failure to comply with the Michigan legislation, if eventually signed into law, would result in detainment by police, Lombardini said.

    “It’s been the law,
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