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    A Midwest Republican senator provides a moderate anchor ... 37949.html

    July 10, 2006, 9:04PM

    Voice of reason
    A Midwest Republican senator provides a moderate anchor in the divisive debate over immigration.

    Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

    Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska, is well-acquainted with the bitter divide within his party over immigration reform. Four years ago, when he unsuccessfully partnered with then-Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle to sponsor a bill addressing the issue, conservative groups attacked him in radio and TV advertisements that ran in his home state. Hagel found few defenders among the state's business leaders.

    That hasn't stopped Hagel from joining with Florida Republican Mel Martinez to sponsor a bipartisan immigration reform bill. The Senate approved the bill 62-36, but it faces an unlikely reconciliation with a harsh, punitive House version. The House bill is primarily concerned with tightening the nation's southern border but offers no pathway to legal residency or citizenship for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already here. The Hagel-Martinez formula also strengthens border enforcement, but includes provisions for a guest worker program, a forgery-proof biometric ID card for non-citizens and a potential route to legalization for the majority of illegal immigrants in the country.

    Hagel visited Houston last week to speak to the Greater Houston Partnership, which supports the Senate legislation and the similar position of President Bush. Both the Senate and House are conducting hearings across the country to solicit citizen support.

    In a discussion with the Houston Chronicle editorial board, Hagel spoke passionately of the country's need for immigration to provide more workers in the coming decade, when an estimated 77 million baby boomers will retire and begin drawing on Social Security and Medicare. He admits there are flaws and enforcement problems with the Senate bill. "It will be imperfect, and I understand that," Hagel said, "but we've got a complicated, imperfect problem." He cited his office's successful efforts on behalf of a Mexican girl adopted and raised by a Nebraska family. Under current immigration law, the girl was to be deported after her 18th birthday to a homeland she had never known.

    Hagel said the idea that 12 million people could be forcibly deported was "folly" and the House plan to build a 2,000-mile border barrier "insane." He criticized the House bill provision that would criminalize those who assist illegal aliens in any way, making lawbreakers of members of churches, mosques, synagogues and charities.

    Hagel also touched on the controversy involving the Houston Police Department's policy that directs officers not to ask people stopped for minor violations whether they are in the country legally. Congressman John Culberson of Houston recently introduced an amendment to cut off federal funds to state or local entities who interfere with a policeman's ability to assist federal immigration authorities.

    "That's not the job, the jurisdiction, or the focus of the Houston Police Department to go around picking illegal aliens up," Hagel said. He dismissed Culberson's amendment, saying, "It'll never pass in the Senate."

    To its credit, the Greater Houston Partnership board of directors has passed a resolution endorsing the main points of the Hagel-Martinez legislation, including border security, an efficient temporary worker program and temporary work visas for qualified illegal immigrants already here.

    With an estimated annual economic output of $27.3 billion from the Houston region's quarter-million undocumented workers, local business leaders have a large stake in the outcome of the immigration debate. They should forcefully champion Sen. Hagel's realistic and moderate proposal, which would bring undocumented workers and their families out of the shadows.
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    Hagel said the idea that 12 million people could be forcibly deported was "folly" and the House plan to build a 2,000-mile border barrier "insane."
    Senator Hagel,

    Pleae pass on the information to substantiate your claim that we cannot deport 12 million people.

    If you recall Senator Hagel, President Eisenhower deported up to 3 million people 50 years ago.

    Wouldn't you say that today the US has a much better transportation system than it did 50 years ago?
    "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is the definition of insanity. " Albert Einstein.

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    A Midwest Republican Seantor Provides a Moderate Anchor

    Sen. Chuck Hagel is no "moderate" on the issue of illegal immigration!

    In fact, he is one of stauchest supporters of maintaining a flow of low wage, illegal aliens across the border for business in general, and,
    specifically, for the ranching and meat packing interests of Nebraska.
    This ties in well with the interests of large meat producers and packers
    across the nation, and, indeed, the entire Western Hemisphere!

    Under the Clinton Administration, an excellent, well-planned "round-up"
    of illegal aliens was evidentally organized and executed by our then-
    INS aimed at meatpacking plants in Nebraska employing illegal aliens.
    It was to be the precursor of many "sweeps" against companies employing
    illegal aliens across the entire nation! However, it was so successful that
    the "elites" of Nebraska moved swiftly to have the federal government
    "call off their investigators" on the basis that correct enforcement of U.S.
    immigration laws was "ruining the Nebraska economy"! I read that, since
    that time, "Chuck Hagel has made it his mission in life" to make sure that
    the U.S. immigration laws which fine businesses which employ illegal aliens were never again to be enforced.

    Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) worked hard to try to defeat S. 2611, but Sen.
    Chuck Hagel is one of the greatest enemies of illegal immigration reform
    in any form.

    Prior to the importation of illegal alien labor, meatpacking jobs throughout
    the Middle West were unionized, and paid, I believe, $19.00 an hour +
    benefits. Now they pay $9.00 per hour, and union safety inspectors are
    no longer allowed into the plants to inspect any of the working conditions
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