Migrant Charged with Threatening Fellow Traveler with Knife to Avoid Arrest

BOB PRICE 8 May 2021

A Laredo Sector Border Patrol agent successfully arrested a Mexican migrant who allegedly threatened a fellow migrant. The migrant reportedly put a knife to the other migrant’s neck in an attempt to avoid apprehension.

A Laredo South Station Border Patrol agent apprehended a group of three migrants on Thursday, according to a tweet from Chief Border Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak. As the agent attempted to take the three migrants into custody, one of the migrants pulled a knife and held it to the neck of a fellow traveler.

The agent said the Mexican migrant, later identified as Eduardo Segovia-Luna, tried to use the other migrant as a human shield and demanded to be released. The agent ordered Segovia-Luna to drop his weapon.

A standoff ensued as the agent awaited backup. Once other agents arrived, Segovia-Luna dropped the knife and surrendered, Hudak said in his tweet.
The three migrants reportedly entered the United States illegally.

Segovia-Luna now faces criminal charges connected to the assault on the second migrant, Hudak reported.