Migrant Rescued in Texas County Where 55 Others Died This Year

by BOB PRICE 10 Jul 2022

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents saved the life of a migrant who got lost sneaking around an immigration checkpoint in Brooks County, Texas. Sheriff’s office officials report the deaths of more than 55 other migrants in that county located 80 miles north of the Mexican border.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Joel Martinez tweeted photos of Falfurrias Station agents rescuing a migrant. The migrant became lost on a ranch surrounding the immigration checkpoint on U.S. Highway 281.

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Joel Martinez

Another life saved!
Falfurrias agents responded to a 911 call in Brooks County. Agents located an individual who was lost and in desperate need of medical attention. Agents administered IV fluids & emergency care. He was transported to a medical center for further treatment.

4:09 PM · Jul 8, 2022

Border Patrol agents, a CBP Air and Marine Operations Blackhawk aircrew, and local EMS teams worked to save the man’s life with IV fluids and other emergency medical action. The ambulance transported the man to a hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez told Breitbart Texas his county is experiencing a record pace of migrant deaths this year. His deputies working with Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies or skeletal remains of more than 55 migrants so far this year — 23 in June alone, Breitbart Texas reported.

“This is far too common an occurrence in Brooks County,” Sheriff Martinez said. “Smugglers abandon these people on the ranches for any reason if they can’t keep up on the march through this dangerous area.”

“The recovery of 23 bodies in June is shocking,” he added. “This is likely a record month for our county and is a direct reflection of the chaos and inhumanity of the Biden administration’s border and immigration policies.”

The massive increase in migrant crossings in the Rio Grande Valley forces Border Patrol management to move more resources to the border to process, transport, and care for the migrants. This leaves fewer agents to interdict human smuggling and save lives in Brooks County.

“This man was lucky agents found him in time,” Martinez stated. “The temperatures at this time of year can lead to death. People should not attempt the trek through Brooks County to make their way north.”

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