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    Migrants send home $150 bn a year: UN report

    Migrants send home $150 bn a year: UN report

    6 October 2005

    NEW YORK - Some 200 million migrants around the world send home USD 150 billion (EUR 124 billion) a year, a contribution to the world economy that has not been recognized by governments, the United Nations said Wednesday.

    The number of migrants has more than doubled over the last 30 years from 75 million and migrants "are now to be found in every part of the world", the report said. The United States has the most migrants, followed by Russia.

    Certain sectors of the economy in many industrialized states have become highly dependent on migrant labour and would rapidly collapse if that labour were to be withdrawn, the report said.

    But governments have failed to reap the

    full potential of international migration or address the resulting challenges, said the survey by the Global Commission on International Migration.

    The official annual remittances of USD 150 billion amounted to three times the total amount of funds provided by governments for developments around the world, the report said.

    Migrants' remittances may be even higher, the report said, citing unofficial estimates of up to USD 300 billion (EUR 247 billion) a year.

    Mexico tops the list of countries to which migrants send home money with USD 16 billion (EUR 13 billion) a year, followed by India with USD 9.9 billion (EUR 8.2 billion) and the Philippines with USD 8.5 billion (EUR 7 billion).

    The most remittances are sent from the U.S. with USD 28 billion (EUR 23 billion) a year and Saudi Arabia with 15 billion USD (EUR 12.3 billion). Migrants in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland send home a combined USD 8 billion (EUR 6.6 billion) a year.

    The leading host countries for migrants are the United States, with 35 million, equivalent to 20 per cent of world's migrants, followed by Russia with 13.3 million, Ukraine with 6.9 million and India with some 6.3 million.

    Europe has 56 million migrants, Asia has close to 50 million, North America 40.8 million, Africa 16.3 million, Latin America 5.9 million and Australia 5.8 million.

    Cross-border migrants are roughly split between men and women, the report showed.

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    no wonder china is seeking them in ecomics....

    What does that compare to when it comes to the trade deficit that we have with red china?
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