The Ministry of Truth
By Erik Rush (05/08/2006)

There are scores of broadcast news bureau chiefs and newspaper editors whom I would simply adore seeing flung from their office windows - the condition being that the fall would prove fatal.

Do you suppose this impacts my credibility as a “Christian gentleman”?

For the uninitiated: The citation of the Ministry of Truth refers to the bureau that controlled all media in George Orwell’s political novel 1984 – truth being anything but what came out of that establishment.

Although the activist (mainstream) press distorts pretty much everything, the reason I find their being the single most damaging force upon race relations in America so egregious is because it affects people and their humanity in a way few issues do. I also realize that the aforementioned hurling of newsmen (and women) to their deaths would only be of symbolic significance; like Mafiosi and drug lords, there are always underlings waiting in the wings to man the helm anew and continue the evil

Mexican-Americans - even many who arrived here illegally – are, by and large, as patriotic and industrious as the rest of us. How do I know this? Because I know tons of them. Those we see living their lives, working and trucking their kids around town aren’t the ones we’ve seen marching in the streets, however.

In relative terms, there are but a handful who approve of amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders or Mexican immigrants who remain nationalistic (with respect to Mexico) after emigrating here. Those whom we have seen protesting over the last weeks are generally activists, misguided students and miscreants spurred on by Marxist, racist and international socialist interests.

You wouldn’t think so though, if you watch the news coverage on your brainsucker box every day, given the volume of pro-illegal immigration coverage available versus anti-illegal immigration coverage.

When I was growing up in New York during the Civil Rights Movement, I experienced some people who were bigoted and some who just couldn’t get along. Blacks marched in the South for good reason. I lived in a lot of different neighborhoods in the New York area; for the most part, most of the people there – as in most places I’ve lived since - did get along. That is because (I believe) most Americans are decent and reasonably open-minded.

The media’s reporting of things – as many have noticed – changed over the years, from the imparting of information to propagandization. Of course some of it has to do with money; if my wallet got fatter every time I was the bearer of bad news, I’d be inclined to spin things to the negative side when speaking to people. Heck, I might just make some stuff up every now and then. But the infiltration of outright socialists and craven internationalist intellectuals into that industry cannot be
credibly denied.

The marches led by Dr. King were worthy of worldwide news coverage, but the fact that someone like Al Sharpton rose to prominence in America via leading gratuitous, self-aggrandizing and useless marches in New York City, framing police and attacking Italian-Americans is testimony to how the media changed from 1960 to 2000. What did it get Sharpton, who continues his “racist America” rhetoric and self-serving mission? Why, fame and fortune, of course.

The saddest part is that people like him present an ugly face to the majority of Americans with regard to whatever group they represent. I know for a fact that relations between Blacks and Whites in New York were harmed by the acts of Sharpton and the press; the image of Black Americans has no doubt suffered nationwide due to such phenomena and their incessant, sensationalist coverage by the media.

Now, Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and others have taken to the streets in the name of granting amnesty to people whose initial act upon entering the U.S. was itself criminal, attacking those who oppose their position as though it is somehow analogous to having supported Jim Crow.

Due to America’s loss of critical thinking skills and decades of substandard education, somehow it went unnoticed that the media failed to mention that the big pro-illegal immigration rallies were held on the holy day of Communism. Things did “grind to a halt” when the Communists took over on May Day, and there’s little doubt that the communists principally involved in the demonstrations last week were snickering up their sleeves at the subtle emblematic significance.

I won’t even elaborate here on the national security concerns regarding our southern border; I’ve done it before, and it should be evident by now that the press and our enemies within aren’t going to highlight the fact that a) there’s a hazard there and that b) remediation of same is one of the primary Constitutional obligations of our federal government.

We’ve been seeing a lot of brown people on our television screens lately who either hate America outright or are thoroughly dissatisfied with it in some respect. What effect do you think that has on your average non-brown person regarding their neighbors when they’ve been hammered on unceasingly with hateful imagery of people of color?

What sort of preconceptions and suspicions are developing right now amongst non-Hispanic Americans toward their Hispanic neighbors due to the poisonous deceit purveyed by the media and the activists (who, Hispanic or non-Hispanic, share the blame for their manifestly seditious and irresponsible behavior)?

I have a lot of contact with intellectual, dyed-in-the-wool liberals. Even some of the more extremist and paranoid ones are viewing the demands for amnesty as far over the top. Although the press claims that it is not so, many maintain that the pro-amnesty cause and its credibility has been hurt by the vitriol and belligerent demands of its proponents and that they’ve bitten off far more than they can chew.

I for one, hope they choke on it this time. Figuratively speaking, of course.