Minuteman and Congressional Candidate Gilchrist Aims to Re-Ignite Reagan Republicanism

By Dennis Durband, Editor
September 19, 2005

In many conservative circles, the nation’s borders and the State of California are considered lost causes. Minutemen Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist is not ready to concede either, however. He’s running for Congress next year.

In a recent address to the National Federation of Republican Assemblies’ (NFRA) national convention, Gilchrist described himself as a “recovering Republican� and said he hopes that Reagan Republicanism will re-ignite the Grand Old Party.

Gilchrist, a Purple Heart winner while serving as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam, speaks of the rule of law, the failure of elected officials to secure the border and his desire to work for the ideals of the United States. Along with Chris Simcox of Tombstone, Gilchrist co-founded the Minutemen Project, which shut down the border invasion over a 23-mile stretch of land near Naco, Arizona for the entire month of April.

“Our people are done with talking and now we’re taking action,� Gilchrist said of the highly successful rise of the Minutemen earlier this year. “We have begged and pleaded with political leaders, who have violated their oath of office.�

The government has refused to protect Americans from unchecked border invaders and drug smugglers.

Gilchrist said, “The border has become a war zone. Until politicians find the will and the guts, the Minutemen Project will do the job the politicians are unwilling to do. It’s dangerous and heart wrenching. Traffickers, gun runners and unfortunately potential terrorists are coming in. I’ve seen it all. They’re exploiting society.�

The Minutemen Project is expanding to other states to monitor the border and to hold elected leaders’ feet to the fire in the process.

“We demand the government immediately secure the borders just as our laws prescribe,� Gilchrist told the NFRA. “We are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. You lead, follow or get out of the way. I choose to lead. No more excuses from our government. We have not only the right but the duty to protect our borders. Government inaction is unacceptable. We abide by the rule of law.�

Gilchrist likes to invoke the words of Frederick Douglas, who once talked about how to be your own master. “It is all too often forgotten, but we govern this country,� Gilchrist said. “That’s what motivates the Minutemen Project, and I invite all of you to join with us.�

More than a one-issue candidate, Gilchrist is concerned about government malfeasance on other topics as well. He says there are all kinds of government violations, abuses and bad laws – including abortion on demand. Gilchrist favors a shut-off valve for the lack of fiscal maturity in government. None of the government’s failures typify the spirit of Reagan Republicanism, he said.

“Yet we still see resolution through law, not violence,� Gilchrist stresses. “Ensure that America stays free, strong and prosperous. God bless America and God bless Ronald Reagan’s legacy.�

If elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Gilchrist will represent District 48 in Orange County. But his votes will impact every American. For more information on the Gilchrist campaign, see: